IDO market trends: success story and lessons learned

4 min readJul 28, 2021

Hacken Foundation has already launched a number of innovative projects including HAPI, disBalancer, and PureFi. During the pre-launch phase, our specialists perform the colossal scope of work to determine industry needs, realize users’ expectations, prepare relevant marketing materials, and develop the mechanism of work for future projects. However, even after a project launch, our team keeps on monitoring the changes in industry patterns and in this material we would like to share our reflection on the current state of affairs in the crypto industry. We have drawn important lessons serving as the basis of the idea behind our new project.

So, enjoy reading and be the first to get to know about the upcoming Hacken Foundation project!

Hacken Foundation projects: lessons learned

The first Hacken Foundation project was launched in February 2021. Since then, we have observed fundamental transformations in the crypto industry. Only by realizing the changing patterns, we can develop effective solutions to meet future needs. Generally, we have drawn 4 key lessons:

  • The voice of key opinion leaders (KOLs) has ceased to be the main factor behind investors’ decisions. During the recent crypto boom, such opinion leaders like Elon Musk could dramatically change the market situation just by posting a small tweet. But today investors are more reasonable in their investment decisions. They have gained fundamental knowledge about the industry and invest money based on their own considerations and analysis rather than outside opinion. That is why unexpected posts made by KOLs can cause mostly minor fluctuations. This means that the projects offering real solutions to meet existing and future industry needs have a great chance to enjoy popularity among a wide audience of modern investors. But, nevertheless, we have to mention that KOLs may still pose a threat to new projects. When a large number of KOLs express their support for a project, they create private round sale pressure that can affect future ROI.
  • Initial LP need to be protected: sniper bots start possessing tremendous threats to common users. Only a small proportion of new projects use anti-bot software on the day of listing. Sniper bots are widely used by whales to snip initial liquidity for new pairs in a few seconds after listing for later dumping at higher prices. When new projects do not use anti-sniping techniques, they risk experiencing dramatic fluctuations affecting community confidence and trust. That is why anti-sniping solutions are highly demanded in the industry. Also, market players are looking forward to seeing locked liquidity on Unicrypt.
  • Sandwich bots are killing Pancake liquidity. Sandwich bots are placing a trade before and after the victim trade thereby benefiting from the resulting slippage, the difference between the token expected price and the price at the moment of execution. Upon seeing that somebody is going to buy an asset, a bot buys it first and then sells at higher prices. As the result of these manipulations, Pancake liquidity is damaged thereby affecting investors’ positions and decreasing their trust in the liquidity pool.
  • The projects with a fundamental idea at their core have a great chance to experience a successful launch and further progress even during a calm period in the crypto world. The recent launch of PureFi is a great example to prove this lesson. Real investors are interested in working with the teams developing highly demanded and implementable solutions to the market and industry seasons do not heavily impact their investment decisions.

Generally, when looking at the lessons provided above, we can clearly see that the crypto industry is becoming mature. The projects providing fundamental solutions to address the real needs of users are likely to lead the industry in the future.

What is Next?

With regard to a very successful launch of PureFi, we are pleased to announce that a New XXXXXXXXXX project will soon enter Hacken Foundation. We will not disclose full info about this upcoming project but will give you a small hint.

The XXXXXXXXXX project has provided the needed software to ensure the smooth and fair listing of PureFi on Uniswap and Pancakeswap for its community.

More than 100 suspicious transactions attributable to sniper bots were reverted. The XXXXXXXXXX project successfully protected PureFi on the ETH/BSC network, sniping bots could not do anything.

According to our estimates, the XXXXXXXXXX project could save around $50,000.

That means almost 600,000 UFI tokens were saved from sniper bots during the listing ($200k under approximate sniping listers selling price).

Top 5 hints about the XXXXXXXXXX project:

  1. Unique algorithm for identifying sniping bots on-chain and off-chain.
  2. Over 5k community of blockchain enthusiasts and traders.
  3. Has already saved >500BNB for projects during launches by identifying >200 bots.
  4. Plans to provide b2b off- and on-chain anti-bot protection services and oracles for 3rd parties.
  5. Transparent and highly-skilled team behind.

The XXXXXXXXXX project will address one of the biggest issues affecting common traders — a vast number of sniping bots skim profits that would be otherwise earned by common users.

So, monitor our future announcements. We will soon provide more detailed information about this project. Thank you for being with us!

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