Interlinking the success of HackenAI with the HAI Token

During earlier discussions with private investors, existing Hacken B2B clients and newfound partners such as VeChain Foundation and CREAMethod, we knew that our application would be a huge success in the personal cybersecurity industry. Currently, there is no cybersecurity suite in the market that is as comprehensive as HackenAI. That will be the unique selling point of our product.

The result of our discussions is a simple yet powerful tokenomics system. We have decided on creating a system where HackenAI’s user growth = HAI Token value growth. Too many crypto projects focus on complex scenarios and use cases for their token which fails to bring any meaningful rise in token demand. This will be achieved by maximising the linkage between the HAI token in the core of the product and app, in which every function and feature relates directly with the HAI token.

Already, our Open Beta has been massively successful, with more than 5.000 users across Android and iOS Test Flight. With our IEO concluded and the initial release of HackenAI imminent, we are expecting another huge wave of users and registrations. We are excited to share with our stakeholders a few of the most essential tokenomic structures that will greatly boost the demand and value for the HAI token.

Subscription Model boosting demand of HAI

The most essential aspect of our tokenomic structure is the ability for users to pay for the HackenAI subscription fee using HAI tokens, as well as purchasing additional services within the application.

Users who choose to pay for HackenAI subscriptions will enjoy a 40% discount from the price tag, without it harming our financial model due to not having to pay service charges to traditional payment processors. It is important to remember that the HackenAI product will be marketed to not just the crypto community, but also a wider, mainstream audience.

*subscription prices will be evaluated on a quarterly base and may change in the future

Because of this huge discount and incentive, we strongly believe that this will draw in a huge influx of people that have never used or purchased crypto before. By pulling large quantities of non-crypto people off of the sidelines and providing a safer cryptocurrency experience through our planned fiat-on-ramps, we believe this will create organic demand for HAI tokens, a token that will be for many, their first crypto asset.

As a result, the more HackenAI’s user base grows, the more HAI tokens will be purchased by a large portion of the ever-expanding population, creating organic demand for HAI tokens.

User Acquisition Model to Boost HAI Demand

The market potential for the HackenAI app is huge and with more than 5000 unique registered users so far, we can see that there is already real interest and demand for our product. According to statistics, in the password manager market alone there are more than 70 million users. VPN and niche anti-phishing softwares also boast millions more users. HackenAI is designed to capture the entire market with an all-in-one suite of cybersecurity features. This allows us to rapidly acquire new users at an ever-expanding exponential rate compared to other software and apps in the market now.

As a blockchain-powered app, we plan to first penetrate the crypto and blockchain market before moving onto the mainstream market. To achieve our goals, we will tap into our extensive experience and close relationships with exchanges by conducting user acquisition campaigns and targeting the exchange’s user base whenever there is a listing of HAI at major crypto exchanges. We will work tightly with exchanges to improve their user’s security, improve business relations and get new users to HackenAI.

HAI holders and early adopters are the main beneficiaries of HackenAI user base growth. The above table is a theoretical illustration of user-base distribution and related demand for HAI. Based on the conservative calculation below 1,285 HackenAI users create 407,500 USD equivalent organic demand for the HAI token.

Cyberbootcamp and Gamification

Our Cyberbootcamp incentivizes behavior that increases the user’s cybersecurity, by rewarding them with collectibles as well as getting discounts on services and goods provided by Hacken’s cybersecurity and hacker ecosystem.

The Cyberbootcamp will have over 30 unique achievements that can be unlocked. For each achievement unlocked the user will receive a random collectible NFT hat. There will be 15 different hats with 4 levels of rareness. The hats can also be traded between other HackenAI users in our soon to be introduced Hat NFT marketplace.

By incentivizing users to engage with our cybersecurity offerings through gamification, it creates an enjoyable experience every time they access the app. This increases the chances of someone referring the app to his/her peers and friends, increasing the user base of HackenAI, ultimately leading to increase in demand for HAI tokens.

HAI Staking Program Ensures High Growth Potential

Users will be able to stake their HAI from within the HackenAI app to unlock a number of benefits that give immense value to users.

In designing the HackenAI staking program we had two primary goals in order to maximize the value to the users:

  • Bring actual value to stakers in the form of financial and non-financial incentives
  • Build a partnership network for HackenAI promotion to further stimulate user growth

There are four staking hierarchy levels based on the number of benefits included:

till 31/07 means if you buy a staking before July 31st

A big draw for HAI holders to stake and lockup their tokens is the ability to unlock HackenAI’s Normal and Premium Subscription benefits for free. As staking levels are tied to the USD value of HAI tokens, the average HackenAI user will be able acquire tokens from the market or our fiat on ramps affordably and take part in our staking program.

The more new users on HackenAI, the more likely they will buy and stake their HAI tokens. This means it provides continuous demand for HAI tokens, all while simultaneously limiting and reducing the circulatory supply, making it easier for the value of the tokens on the market to increase.

Our staking benefits also provide incentives beyond a free subscription fee. Hacken’s B2B cybersecurity services can now be enlisted by users who obtain 3rd level staking and beyond. Our Darknet monitoring service will also be boosted to be able to analyze more email accounts the higher one’s staking level is.

Referral Staking and “Protect a Friend” Partnership Network

Staking also provides exclusive access to HackenAI’s Partnership and Referrals network. Users who stake their HAI tokens will be able to unlock financial incentives through our “Protect a Friend” program.

“Protect a Friend” refers to HackenAI’s revolutionary referral partnership network. To put it simply, users who refer friends to install the app and complete the Cyberbootcamp will earn HAI tokens. Furthermore, the rewards will increase depending on one’s staking level, and will reward both referrer and the referee. If referred users stake their tokens as well, even more bonuses will be awarded to the original referrer.

The “Protect a Friend” program is a supercharged word of mouth advertising model. By rewarding both sides (referrer and referee), it allows HackenAI’s user base to increase exponentially, increasing the demand for HackenAI subscriptions and staking program, and increasing the demand for HAI tokens.

We will be releasing an in-depth article on our ‘Protect a Friend’ model and how users staking HAI who actively promote HackenAI, can benefit through incredible discounts as well as earning HAI ranging from pocket money through to legitimate income, depending on how thorough the referral system is implemented.


Our simple yet powerful tokenomics structure ensures that the success of HackenAI = the success of HAI tokens. With a robust subscription model, a well thought out user acquisition model as well as our gamification modules, these factors ensure that the demand of HAI tokens stays organic and ever growing.

With our powerful HAI staking program, the circulation supply of HAI tokens will be reduced and thus the room for growth will be exponential. As more HAI users stake their tokens to enjoy the exclusive benefits, they will maximise their opportunities by engaging in our “Protect a Friend” referral system, gaining even more bonuses and incentives.

We have gone into great detail on the demand of the HAI token but we also need to address the other important factor in tokenomics — supply. In the next article we will deep dive into how HAI circulating supply changes with the growth of users, especially staking users. We are implementing certain limitations on maximum circulating supply based on these numbers. More details to follow.

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