Introducing Hacken Club — Our Unified Community for Cybersecurity Enthusiasts

We are passionate about all things cybersecurity. We have pledged to serve and protect the crypto community and beyond, helping keep the world safe from cyber attacks.

At Hacken, our mission statement is to provide secure, accessible cybersecurity protection for everyone.

We developed multiple professional products and services under the umbrella of the Hacken Group to help us achieve our objective:

  • — B2B cybersecurity consulting company with a focus on blockchain and cryptocurrency exchange security.
  • — Crowdsourced security bug bounty platform with over 3,000 white hat hackers contributing.
  • — Cryptocurrency exchange ranking and certification platform, utilising the recently launched CERtification program.
  • HackenAI — The personal cyberguard security suite — a smart, interactive app to control online personal security and privacy.

Today, Hacken and our cybersecurity experts contribute to hundreds of clients and projects.

These range from blockchain startups to massive enterprise clients such as AirAsia and even the US Department of Defense.

Our HackenAI personal cybersecurity application was also launched recently, giving users access to a huge array of cybersecurity tools whilst simultaneously incorporating a unique tokenomic structure that incentivizes everybody to protect themselves and be rewarded for doing so.

After years of hard work delivering professional tools for high-profile enterprises, we felt we lacked one final, crucial ingredient; a united, cohesive and vibrant community that shares our core objectives of selfless protection of friends and family and delivering greater security for those most in need.

The answer to our vision of a unified cybersecurity community? Hacken Club.

Hacken Club represents a proud milestone in our developmental journey. Here, we unite our products, services and communities under one flag.

Introducing Hacken Club

Hacken Club will be built from our community of crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts, united through a mutual mission to protect and secure their online lives, as well as those of their friends and family. Hacken Club members know how to stay safe in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. By building a large, knowledgeable community, we will all be able to help protect our loved ones from becoming victims of frauds and scams.

Within Hacken Club, we share and discuss the best cybersecurity practices, investigations and reveal real scams and frauds in the crypto world. The idioms ‘knowledge is power’ & ‘safety in numbers’ have never been more true. Hacken Club will bring together our community of enthusiasts to push back against the bad guys.

With insights from our experts in the Hacken Research and CER teams, we will continue to understand new and old security issues and fraud schemes within the crypto industry alongside everyone in the Hacken Club.

To date, more than 50 industry-related research reports were performed and produced by independent CER researchers and more will follow soon. Cybersecurity is an arms race where we must always stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

We set the goal to continuously educate Hacken Club members and ensure our community is knowledgeable about the most up to date and urgent threats. In order to achieve this goal, on top of regularly publishing our research and investigations, we will host regular fireside chats with various leaders of the crypto and cybersecurity industry and have true experts educate you in a more personal setting.

On that note, we are happy to announce the first Hacken Club fireside chat; Bobby Ong, the Co-Founder & COO at CoinGecko.

At our first fireside chat we will be discussing crypto exchange security trends and exploring ideas about how to transform the security practices of the crypto industry and drive it to the next level of maturity.

Unifying The Hacken Ecosystem

Starting today, all Hacken-related social media channels will be unified and integrated into Hacken Club.

Our various Telegram channels will be merged into one; Hacken Club. Here, we can bring everyone together under one roof allowing for quicker sharing of news, updates and threats.

Our Facebook and Twitter pages will also be merged into one; Hacken Club.

Our Telegram discussion channel will be the first to lead this rebranding effort. Join us in the channel to be the first to enter the doors of our new member club:

The HAI cryptocurrency token will be used to power the entirety of this new Hacken ecosystem. Accordingly, the current HAI token’s scope and utility will be expanded and improved drastically.

The Hacken ecosystem of products and services will be built with the HAI token as a core consideration. Enhancing our intelligent token economics even further is a major focus. Integration is in progress and more information will be released soon.

The HAI token logo will also be updated and bring back the old Hacken logo, with the ability to purchase products and services straight from Hacken Club.

HAI will also be used by community members, businesses and other stakeholders that are interested in joining premium Hacken Club memberships. From now on, the former HAI staking program will be rebranded as ‘Hacken Club memberships’.

The new Hacken Club Membership model includes some considerable upgrades in benefits (more details below).

Hacken Club Membership

The Hacken Club is more than just a discussion hub. The Hacken Club forms the basis for Hacken’s future development strategy, with all products, services and community being brought into one, unified location. This allows for much greater efficiency in communicating new products, services and community engagement around key topics.

Club Memberships range from Beginner, Enhanced and Ultimate, all aimed at consumers. Associate and Partner Club memberships are targeted at businesses that want to make use of our Hacken b2b services.

Membership is totally free*, but through staking (depositing and locking up HAI) you can upgrade your Club Membership to gain additional benefits and rewards in our ecosystem.

*The Hacken team retains the right to introduce changes to the Hacken club membership fee or change HackenAI subscription prices and benefits in the future.

**As communicated previously Hacken Club membership deposits will be doubled in USD equivalent after 31/07/2020.

*** Till 31/07 means if you buy a membership before July 31st

Hacken Club Membership benefits

Subscribing to the Hacken Club brings exclusive financial and non-financial benefits.

Club members are able to receive a share of monthly VTHO transaction fee turnover, which will continue to grow as more and more users sign up for HackenAI. Club members are also entitled to a percentage share of revenue, up to 25% received by Hacken from successful B2B client referrals by members.

‘Partner’ level club members will also gain access to a private chat group with exclusive access to the Hacken team, gaining unparalleled insights to the cybersecurity world and the unique ability to network with our team, partners and specialists from around the industry.

Joining the Hacken Club will give you instant access to the paid and premium features (depending on your membership level) of the HackenAI Cybersecurity application.

  • DarkNet Monitoring: An identity theft prevention product that enables you to monitor your identity information on the dark web. Hacken Club members will gain access to real time email notifications and ability to check more of your accounts.
  • Password Manager and Secure Storage: Using advanced encryption and blockchain technology, you can backup your passwords and store them in HackenAI’s secure storage. The HackenAI secure storage is secured against all forms of cyberattacks, including sim-swaps, viruses, malware and more. Hacken Club members gain exclusive unlimited password storage access.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: Hacken Club members will gain access to unlimited amount of accounts within our multi-factor authentication module.
  • VPN: Hacken Club members will gain access to our VPN services with servers located globally. In addition, members who are entitled to our Premium services will also be able to use our decentralized VPN service.
  • Antivirus suite: Full antivirus suite will be accessible by Hacken Club members, with anti-phishing and malicious websites blocker as well as Risk Scoring System for installed apps on your devices.

Join the Hacken Club Now!

The Hacken Club membership program is already ongoing with many members on board! Get your HAI tokens on OceanEx and Bitrue Exchange and deposit your tokens to the HackenAI application to join the Hacken Club.

Our first fireside chat event with Bobby Ong, COO of CoinGecko will be held on 7th of July 2020. Be sure to join us in our Hacken Club telegram channel!

The community of crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts united to keep not only themselves but also their friends and family safe in today’s digital world.

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