Introducing HackenAI 1.0 including our long awaited Token Swap Tool

9 min readApr 29, 2020


We are excited to present HackenAI 1.0 — our all-in-one continually developing personal cybersecurity application, developed to help keep your digital identity and online world safe.

Data protection and guarding online privacy is becoming an increasingly essential element of our digital lives. Citizens across the planet need to take greater care of their personal data yet, many are unaware of what steps to take, unwittingly leaving themselves exposed. At HackenAI, we understand these challenges. That’s why we created our multifunctional application suite to protect you in this rapidly changing world. Interactive educational modules, achievements, collectibles, and staking options will motivate you to care more about your personal cybersecurity and teach you the best practices to avoid becoming a victim.

HackenAI 1.0 Features

HackenAI 1.0 is the first version of our application in the AppStore and GooglePlay that is functional and publicly available. After a successful Beta and with the help of our testers and early adopters, the HackenAI tech team fixed most of the issues and further improved the performance of the App.


CyberBootCamp initially consists of six moduled educational programs on major cybersecurity topics. During these training courses, you will not only learn how to stay secure whilst surfing the web but also learn how to set up and check all security features on your device, ensuring you are fully protected. The BootCamp has been built to be interactive, with many videos, infographics, short quizzes, and even final tests after each module to engage your mind and help the information stick.

We created a potent educational program for all HackenAI users that’s absolutely free. With CyberBootCamp, not only will you learn the best practices of protecting yourself online, but also develop good cybersecurity habits like regular password updates, identifying suspect websites to prevent phishing attempts and critical online skills. Our app initially consists of the following modules:

  • Account Management
  • Anti-phishing
  • Privacy
  • Data Protection
  • General Security Principles
  • Digital Assets Security Essentials

It is important to note that maintaining proper cybersecurity practices is an ongoing effort that requires users to be vigilant and dedicated. The CyberBootCamp is an essential part of the HackenAI app which will help you keep on top of device security and even notify you about common security issues such as password security, data breaches and more.

HackenAI Password Manager

Using advanced encryption, you can backup your passwords and store them in HackenAI’s secure l storage facility in just one click. HackenAI’s secure storage is secured against all forms of cyberattacks, including sim-swaps, viruses, malware, and more.

Currently, HackenAI Password Manager only works on mobile devices. The desktop version is coming in August, 2020.

HackenAI Password Manager currently includes:

Password import tool. Using it you can easily import your passwords from Windows or macOS.

Password migration tool. Using the password migration tool you can import your passwords from your current password managers like 1Password, DashLane, or others.

Password Generator. A password generator is a tool that automatically generates a password based on guidelines that you set to create strong and unpredictable passwords for each of your accounts.

Password Autofill. In just a few clicks, watch autofill instantly populate any and all fields: names, emails, phone numbers, and many more. All data is stored in HackenAI’s secure storage facility.

DarkNet Monitoring

At HackenAI, we have compiled the biggest database of compromised account details in the world, with data from over 12 billion breached accounts. Our database is over 30% bigger than other popular services like haveibeenpwned. Using our extensive resource network and expertise, we are at the forefront of detection and are immediately notified of any future data breaches, helping us help you.

Using our DarkNet Monitoring service, you will receive notifications as soon as account details are found online and compromised so you can take immediate action to keep your data secure.

Currently, DarkNet Monitoring is totally automated and free of charge.

Digital Assets Wallet

Easily send, receive, and store your digital assets and cryptocurrencies on your device. The HackenAI Digital Wallet is secured with advanced encryption technology and currently only supports the VeChainThor blockchain, however, other blockchains are coming soon.

HackenAI Digital Assets Wallet is the main place to store and stake your HAI tokens and exclusive NFT collectibles.

Achievements and Collectibles

Gamification is one of the most important elements of the HackenAI App, it uniquely engages the mind and creates stronger memories. Cybersecurity is an ongoing process where you should always pay attention to many details which is why we followed this development strategy. In HackenAI 1.0 we have created 30 different achievements that we believe will motivate you to care more about your personal cybersecurity.

You will find several groups of achievements in the App regarding your learning program, password management, daily usage of cybersecurity tools, among many more. We believe HackenAI will have a long-lasting impact on your cybersecurity habits, making you much more secure.

For every achievement you get, you will receive a random exclusive NFT collectible in the form of a Hat for your favorite HAI. All collectibles are NFT tokens that you can Store in your HackenAI wallet, send to your friends, and even trade them.

In HackenAI you will find 4 levels of collectibles:

  1. Citizens level: 8 unique Hats
  2. Guardians level: 4 unique Hats
  3. Heroes level: 2 unique Hats
  4. Royal level: 1 unique Hat

There is also a unique Exclusive level, where you can find some Hats that may appear only once in the App and are awarded for unique actions.

If you collect all Hats in the App you will receive the free Staking upgrade. If you didn’t have staking before you will get the first level for free! More about Staking you can find in our previous article.


As a leading cybersecurity consulting company, we understand that cybersecurity and user data protection is the most important element of the HackenAI App. With over 50 years of combined experience in the field of cybersecurity, our tech team has created this unique software package to provide you with maximum online security. HackenAI uses the latest and best data protection practices and all critical data is fully secured.

Protecting user data

All data is protected with at least three security keys:

User Seed phrase

  • Generated by application
  • Never stored on HackenAI servers
  • Used Only to generate private keys for deciphering sync data and crypto-assets access
  • Never transfers over the internet

Local password

  • Set up by the user
  • Used for access to data on authorized devices
  • Never stored on HackenAI servers
  • Never transfers over the internet

User device key

  • Auto-generated for each device
  • Used for authentication

Local access to data

Access to local data requires a local password, which is only known by the user. Local passwords can be different for various devices with the same account. It is used to generate the AES 256-bit key for ciphering and deciphering keys (global) to decrypt user data. 256-bit key generation is done with the following inputs: local password generate 32-byte salt (cryptography), and randomly chosen 16-byte initialization vector.

Server data protection

On the server-side, HackenAI ciphers all user data when storing it. This encryption is done on the user device, and we don’t have any keys for deciphering data. Only the user with private keys can decrypt all data.

Communication security

Communication between clients and servers are secured with SSL/TLS. All data transmitted by the internet is already encrypted on the user’s device. Communication between browser or browser extension and HackenAI application is secured by AES256. For authentication, HackenAI uses the zero-knowledge solution.

Data sharing

Users can share their data with other users. HackenAI even in the data sharing process doesn’t have access to raw data.

For data sharing purposes, HackenAI uses asymmetric encryption. When a user account registered application creates a unique pair of public and private keys, the private key is stored in the user’s personal data storage whilst the public key is sent to HackenAI servers.

Account recovery

For account recovery or adding a new device, the user simply needs to enter their recovery seed phrase generated upon registration. When the seed phrase is inputted, it transforms into the primary 256-bit key. This key is used to derive keys for deciphering data and is downloaded from HackenAI storage.

Token Swap

For our loyal community members who have been with us for a long periodwe have created an easy token SWAP tool to convert your HKN (Ethereum) to HAI (VeChainThor). While swapping tokens you will have the opportunity to choose the SWAP ratio.

As announced in our previous article, we have decided to reward the existing HKN community by improving the SWAP ratio:

1 HKN = 20 HAI for immediate SWAP

1 HKN = 25 HAI for 3 months lock SWAP

1 HKN = 30 HAI for 6 months lock SWAP

1 HKN = 40 HAI for 12 months lock SWAP

1 EOSHKN = 1 HAI for immediate SWAP (manual, please fill the form to swap EOSHKN tokens)

Moreover, if you choose a 6 or 12 months lock-up option you will get HackenAI Staking packages automatically! You can explore the benefits of staking in our previous article.

In this table, you can find how many HKN tokens you need to get each of the Staking Packages:

Moreover, if you choose a 6 or 12 months lock-up option, besides the automatic staking you will also get an exclusive White Hat collectible, that will appear only one time in the HackenAI App!

How to perform the token swap:

  1. Download and install HackenAI 1.0
  2. Go through the setup process
  3. Click on the wallet icon in the lower right corner
  4. Click on HKN logo
  5. Click on the Swap button in the upper right corner
  6. Send your old HKN ERC-20 tokens to the address provided in the Application
  7. Choose the lock-up option. The Application will propose you the most appropriate lock-up option based on your HKN balance available.
  8. Receive your token directly to your HackenAI wallet. If you choose the lock-up option you will also see your locked tokens in the wallet.
  9. Locked tokens will automatically be released by our smart contract after the lock has ended.

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