Introducing HackenVPN — Free VPN service for Hacken Club Community

3 min readDec 23, 2020


The leading cybersecurity consulting company with a particular focus on blockchain security Hacken has launched its own VPN service hVPN (HackenVPN) to help protect user’s online identities.

Based on our expertise, we have developed one of the most secure VPN services on the market. We know that privacy is becoming more of a challenge, and we respect it. That’s why we have contributed significant efforts to create the most secure and private VPN service. hVPN provides for no activity logs and does not track user behavior, thus, it is a great tool to protect your digital identity and keep your interests with you.

hVPN provides a free virtual private network that prevents websites from tracking user behavior and improves the security of the browsing experience by routing internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. Certain VPNs can also allow internet users to bypass state-sponsored censorship programs and to access specific content that may have been blacklisted.

Great Utility for HAI Token

Fulfilling our commitments related to HAI utility, we make all of our efforts to provide the best utility features of the token! Due to the restrictions of AppStore and GooglePlay, we cannot provide the payment for our services directly in the application. That’s why we have made them absolutely free to all Hacken Club Members! Obtain at least level 1 Club Membership and get all services for free!

More to Come

hVPN (HackenVPN) is our first step to integrating the most demanded security tools into the Hacken Ecosystem. Next year we will deliver more security tools to you! We are building the ecosystem of security applications around our Hacken brand.

Next year we plan to release at least 3 Apps, and all of them will be free to Hacken Club Members! Stay tuned to learn more.

How to Get Hacken Club Membership

Membership is more like a deposit. By buying a membership you are just freezing your HAI tokens for 6 months! These tokens are always yours, just staked under the smart contract. After 6 months, you can get your tokens back. But most importantly, during this time, you can use all premium features and tools of the Hacken Ecosystem for free!

3 Easy Steps to get Hacken Club Membership

  1. Open or Instal HackenAI application
  2. Click on Club Membership
  3. Buy at least 1st level of membership in HAI tokens!

If you don’t have HAI tokens, you can get them on these exchanges:

Install hVPN right now

  1. If you want to get a hVPN premium for free, just authorize with the same email address as the one used in HackenAI App.
  2. After that, don’t forget to verify your email.
  3. If you don’t have a Hacken Club Membership, you can get hVPN Premium for just 4,99$/month.

Download hVPN and be protected online:


AppStore: Coming Soon

We will appreciate some good comments and a 5-star rating in the Store. By helping us with this little thing, you promote the growth of the brand and HAI token! Let’s grow together!




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