Introducing hPass — Secure Sensitive Data Storage for Crypto Enthusiasts

3 min readNov 24, 2021

For the last 4 years, Hacken has confirmed its high professionalism and status of a leading cybersecurity brand both in B2B and B2C segments. When developing our solutions, we not only consider the existing market needs but also try to anticipate the future ones. Nowadays, hackers succeed in compromising the security of victims by accessing their sensitive data. And in the coming future, the scope of this issue will only increase. So, where can users securely store their sensitive data? The answer is provided below.

Hacken team is pleased to introduce the new solution for our crypto community — hPass. It’s a functional and secure sensitive data storage for crypto enthusiasts allowing you to store any type of private data such as seed phrases, private keys, passwords, credit card credentials, etc. From now on, you will be able to securely store the data required for your crypto activities or other operations in your daily and professional life.

The new application includes the most advanced security features to make sure that hackers have no chance to steal your data. We have combined our deep knowledge and market best practices when developing hPass.

All users can use hPass for free.

hPass: great functionality to secure your crypto journey

Although the name of this application may suggest that it’s used to manage passwords, the functionality of our new application is much broader. hPass is the place where you can store your:

  • Seed phrases (either text or media) and private keys (files);
  • Credit card information;
  • Logins and passwords;
  • Important notes;
  • Pictures and texts containing sensitive info, etc.

What about the competitive advantages of hPass?

We have applied device-level encryption so that we cannot know anything about you. You have to pass the biometric identification to use the application. That is why even in case you lose your mobile phone, you may be confident of the security of data stored in hPass.

HackenAI users: how to start using hPass

Please be informed that all your passwords will automatically appear in hPass after you sign in. No need to perform manual transfer of passwords or enter them again. We value your time and comfort.

  • Download the application from the official sources and install it
  • Log in using your HackenAI credentials
  • Check whether all your HackenAI passwords are in place
  • Enjoy using the new application

Still worry about the security of your sensitive data? The solution is here. Just download hPass on the App Store or Google Play and save a lot of your nerve cells.

Don’t use HackenAI? No problem, just download hPass and complete the signup process.

What’s next

The extension for popular browsers will become available in Q1 2022. Monitor our announcements, we will notify you of its release.

Download hPass:

The Hacken team will appreciate you providing some good comments and a 5-star rating in the Store. Your feedback promotes the growth of our brand. Also, we are open to any recommendations from your side on how to improve our app. Let’s grow together. Thank you!

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