Introducing our revolutionary HackenAI Subscription Model in combination with a Powerful HAI Staking Program

With the , everyone now has access to its groundbreaking features. Currently, the app has already received over 5.000 downloads and the feedback we have received so far has been extremely positive. We thank you for your support! We will push forward towards 1,000,000 subscribers, and will do whatever we can to achieve this goal.

We believe that building a product which solves significant real problems for the masses is the end goal for blockchain. It is clear that Blockchain and digital assets will lead the way for the information revolution, and it’s precisely why we created HackenAI.

HackenAI, an industry-first attempt at protecting users’ cybersecurity through an all-in-one companion app is expected to be adopted by the masses. From the ground up, we have positioned the HAI tokens and the community as the core of our app.

Every successful product in the market today relies heavily upon its community. Products and services that position itself as part of a community is the only way to gain the trust of users, and with their trust comes exponential increases in new users through word of mouth and viral marketing.

HackenAI is the culmination of our unparalleled experience in the cybersecurity industry, especially within the blockchain world and our desire to serve the community. We have combined our greatest knowledge and abilities and have applied it to an industry-leading cybersecurity app, with tokenomics designed to increase organic demand for our native HAI token.

With this in mind, we would like to introduce two core pillars of our tokenomics and business model — the HackenAI Subscription Model and the HAI token Staking Program. For these two things intertwine and complement each other, further strengthening our application, our technology and our community.

In the final version of HackenAI, certain features will only be available to subscribers or community members with unique status. HAI token holders which have staking levels will be rewarded by our intricately designed tokenomics.” Dmitriy Budorin, CEO and Co-Founder of Hacken and HackenAI

HackenAI Subscription Model

Our design philosophy for HackenAI’s subscription model is to compartmentalise the layout of the overall features of HackenAI. We came up with different subscription tiers, each with their own unique cybersecurity offerings accorded to them.

The HackenAI subscription model ensures that every user gets access to our basic but essential features needed to start enhancing their cybersecurity for free. We are convinced that users who start using our free services will see the need to further enhance their cybersecurity.

Our basic subscription of just $6,99/month will be positioned as a value upgrade, offering additional features such as anti-virus and VPN. Our premium subscription on the other hand, goes for $13,99/month will be our strongest offering to ensure a user is protected to the best of our abilities and experience in the cybersecurity industry.

To increase the demand in the HAI token and reward our token holders, we offer an additional 40% discount on every subscription when it is bought using HAI compared to traditional fiat. We can offer this discount, because when buying using HAI our fees are much lower compared to traditional payment methods.

Features of each subscription tiers summarised:

Free of charge

Basic Cyberbootcamp

Ensure your personal cybersecurity habits are ahead of the hackers with our online security training modules.

Darknet monitoring

Check if any personal information has been compromised and is available on the dark web, enabling you to proactively protect your online data. Link 1 account and receive alerts for new breaches. HackenAI’s industry leading database has more than 12 billion records.

Password manager

Safely and securely generate and store complex passwords that will ensure maximum protection for your digital self.

Device sync

Sync your account data across devices for free through our secured, encrypted peer-to-peer network.

Digital Asset manager

Our built in wallet allows you to manage HAI, VET and VTHO from within the application itself. The wallet will also support additional assets like BTC and ETH, with cross-chain functionality, dependent on user demand and roadmap progress.


Improve the security of your accounts by adding 2nd factor authentication and make yourself resistant to common attack vectors, such as to SIM-swapping

Normal subscription ($6,99 monthly):

All benefits from the previous subscription tier, plus:

Darknet monitoring

Link up to 5 accounts and near real time receive alerts for new breaches and new security threats

Professional CyberBootCamp

Advanced cybersecurity education courses, ensuring the greatest degree of cybersecurity education

Secure Storage

Conveniently and securely store your private information and seed phrase backups


3rd party vendor preventive protection for your devices to protect you from malware

Centralized VPN

Protecting your online data and keeping valuable personal information hidden from websites and bad actors

Premium subscription ($13,99 monthly):

All benefits from the previous subscription tier, plus:

Darknet monitoring

Link up to 50 accounts and receive alerts for new breaches

Decentralized VPN

Utilise decentralised layered servers to anonymise your internet connection without any single third party controlling the VPN. Ultimate protection of your online data.

Anti-phishing protection

Ensure maximum of your personal credentials with HackenAI’s anti-phishing protection, helping protect you from spoof websites and accidentally handing over login information to the bad guys

Parental control protection

Elicit control over what your children can access and protect them on the web with configurable parental controls

Risk scoring for apps

Gain a quick, at-a-glance overview of the risk of apps in app stores. This is one of the most common malware vectors for smartphones, resulting in multiple instances of crypto losses. Protect your bags!

Next to our monthly subscriptions, we also offer a one time lifetime subscription option. Buying this option will give you access to the application and all future updates at a massive discount:

Lifetime regular subscription — $149,99

Lifetime premium subscription — $249,99

The HAI Staking Program

To ensure the greatest benefits for HAI token stakeholders, we have developed a staking program which provides multiple incentives.

The Staking program is something very powerful and fun, where the true believers and adopters of our community will have an unparalleled advantage over others.

Our staking program will give advantage over several aspects of the HackenAI application and community status, including a Free Lifetime HackenAI Subscription, potential financial gains, eligibility of certain amount of VTHO revenue sharing, honor level within the community, ability to partake in the governance of the project, and more.

We are offering an 50% early bird discount on all Staking Levels, and we strongly encourage the community to take advantage of this by acquiring HAI tokens from our IEO as soon as possible.

A breakdown of the different staking levels below:

till 31/07 means if you buy a staking before July 31st

Staking details breakdown:

  1. Staking will begin towards the end of April with a 50% discount early bird pricing model.
  2. Tokens staked will be locked. Trading or moving tokens is not allowed if you wish to maintain your staking benefits.
  3. Users who receive the lifetime subscription and cancel their staking will continue to enjoy their free subscription. They cannot stake again after that and will not qualify for future staking benefits.
  4. If, after the 6 month staking period the staking amount required for your current level goes up, you don’t need to add additional HAI. However, if the price goes down, you are free to withdraw the difference.
  5. The staking amount is pegged to USD and denominated in round HAI figures. The HAI value for each tier will be adjusted automatically in the future.
  6. Bonus: If you collect all 15 hats (in-app NFT collectibles), you can exchange them for a one-time staking tier upgrade. Please note: If you sell below your current staking level, you cannot purchase another, lesser tier. You can only purchase a higher tier.

More staking benefits: Special Referral Bonuses

Besides the above benefits for HAI stakers, there are plans in place to reward all staking level users with additional referral bonuses.

HackenAI’s Referral Program will be introduced in full in our next article. With our calculations, significant financial incentives for both parties (referees and referrers) in HAI tokens will be possible for stakers.

Summary and Conclusion

The HackenAI subscription model has been designed in-line with our commitment to protect internet users from malicious hackers and make the cyber world a better and safer place. Each subscription tier has been designed to suit every facet of the community, and we will not compromise on the quality of cybersecurity even for free users.

The interests of HAI token holders is the core of our tokenomics and app design. We will ensure that every decision made for this project is geared towards value appreciation of the token holder community, and we will have more exciting news to share as we progress through our roadmap.

Take part in the HackenAI IEO now!

The HackenAI IEO is held on April 13th, 21:00 (UTC+8) on OceanEx GO.

Please read the following guide for more details, as well as alternative methods to acquire HAI tokens through our Direct Purchase dashboard which accepts BTC and USDT tokens.

Step-by-step guide on how to join the HackenAI IEO & Direct Purchase Dashboard

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