Introduction to the New Flagship Project Entering the Hacken Foundation — ArtWallet

We are excited to introduce ArtWallet — Smart&Secure NFT App for Artists, the 21st-century version of iTunes and Spotify via NFTs. Founded by a founding member of Ethereum and MetaMask — Joel Dietz.

NFTs are Setting the Creative World Alight

Sales of digital non-fungible tokens soared to more than $2 billion in the first quarter of 2021 — more than 20 times increase compared to the previous quarter, according to the report by

Biggest NFT Success Stories

  • Hashmasks 16,000 masks created by a decentralized team of artists priced over 400 ETH, depending on attributes.
  • CryptoKitties Treasured for their unique attributes and collectibility, CryptoKitties has set the pace since 2017 on how to create and monetize NFT collectibles.
  • CryptoPunks CryptoPunks’s elementary pixelated characters became popular through crypto social media influencers and free airdrop for Ethereum (ETH) holders.
  • Beeple Art Beeple is a digital artist who has created digital artworks every day since 2007. Beeple’s NFT is unique since it provides rare numbers and purchasers have to bet on their price in an auction. In 2021, His“The First 5000 Days,” a compilation of his first 5000 digital artworks, were sold for whopping $69 million paid in ETH.
  • NBA Top Shot NBA Top Shots are basketball collectibles made up of video clips from NBA games. NFTs like LeBron James’ top shot have been sold for $200K. By March 2021, NBA Top Shots generated even more.

Unlocking the Future of Creative Content

ArtWallet is a one-stop solution for the global NFT market that is now worth billions of dollars. There are still many unresolved challenges faced by existing market players. ArtWallet is focused on Data Persistence, Authenticity Verification, Audio/Visual content streaming, and many more.

Buy, Store, and Own Exclusive NFT Content

ArtWallet is your simple gateway to the most reputable NFT marketplaces with a smart and secure storage

Audio/Visual Content Steaming

ArtWallet provides a media delivery vehicle for the playback of unique audio/visual content as well as the exclusive content locked to specific consumers. Spotify and OnlyFans via NFTs!

Smart Access to the NFT-transformed Industries

Smart&Secure Storage for Digital Art, Real Estate, Collectible, and other areas of NFTs

NFT-asset lending

Rent the exclusive NFT content for the prescribed period. With ArtWallet you can enjoy exciting and advanced materials while paying only for the time you use this content.

NFT-Industry Challenges Resolved by ArtWallet

ArtWallet is the best solution for the NFT industry solving the real challenges existing in the market.

Security Threats

NFT marketplaces are vulnerable to security breaches resulting in stolen digital artworks. ArtWallet provides digital asset custody solutions for this new class of assets while the digital identity verification process guarantees that artists’ rights are reserved.

Environmental Impact of NFTs

Lower energy consumption and the environmental impact of Proof-of-Work by implementing the smart cross-chain solutions

Locking the NFT to a Specific Consumer

The NFT content existing right now is by default copyable and easily distributed. The use of smart encryption allows ArtWallet to ensure the highest level of protection for an artist

Native Cross-chain Support

Integration of the chains with significant volume and a massive art and collectibles market with a native cross-chain support/bridge

Team Behind ArtWallet

ArtWallet is founded by Joel Dietz, who is the founding member of Ethereum as well as the founding contributor to the popular MetaMask Wallet. Joel is a cyber futurist author and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of several future tech trends including blockchain, tokenization, AR/VR, and AI art.

“ArtWalllet is the 21st-century version of iTunes and Spotify. Both artists and collectors can maximize their appreciation with inbound revenue from unique collector items that can also be shared with their friends. Everyone wins as items are appreciated in a robust internal token ecosystem.

NFTs are a gateway into reshaping the entire entertainment industry so that it becomes more creator- and collector-friendly. Despite some nice NFT marketplaces, lots of key infrastructure solutions are still missing like simple user interfaces, audiovisual content streaming, licensing, lending, royalty streaming, verified content, exclusive access, data aggregators, etc.”, said Joel Dietz.

Co-founded by Hacken’s head of products, the man standing behind HackenAI App and other products launched by Hacken. Nazar also has experience of working with digital art since he co-founded the first in the world community music label on blockchain.

“I’m very excited to launch ArtWallet in Partnership with Joel and Hacken Foundation. As we dive deeper into 2021, we’re seeing the popularisation of NFTs. Artists are using them to sell their stuff, and NFTs are likely to become the future of distribution — fair and innovative. ArtWallet is a significant engineering challenge that requires the engagement of many talents and investment of lots of efforts. But I’m very excited about what doors it opens. Definitely, the future of digital art is unpredictable, but I’m proud that we will become the industry pioneers. This is a huge Spotify-sized market, and now it’s high time to improve it with the new innovative tech solutions and business models. And I’m happy to launch this project together with Hacken Foundation and Hacken’s community” — said Nazar.

“NFT crypto space is exciting! It provides benefits to the audience outside of the tech community. It also creates a lot of technical challenges as well as new use cases to be built in order to establish new standards to be followed for decades.” — said Stan Solodkyy, CTO at ArtWallet.

“NFT industry is booming and will revolutionize the way digital content circulates between artists and end-users. While many teams are focused on building NFT marketplaces, the ArtWallet team will develop a key NFT industry infrastructure element. We will create an easy-to-use and the most secure wallet that will be the main entry point to the NFT world. Joel’s vision and Hacken Foundation experience form the perfect match to create the product that will be used by billions of users worldwide”. — said Dyma Budorin, CEO&Founder of Hacken.

More details on ArtWallet as well as the tokenomics and road map will be announced later! Stay tuned!

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