Join Hacken Cyber Army — Let’s Fight Against Russian Propaganda Together!

The global democratic community is experiencing one of the most difficult periods in its modern history. Hackers worldwide are uniting efforts to fight against Russia, the country that has invaded independent Ukraine to stop its movement to Europe.

The Hacken team is also trying to defeat Russia in the digital space. We have created a powerful Cyber Army to attack Russian government resources such as websites of the Russian Central Bank and Kremlin, propaganda media, and other resources that are used by Russia for its malicious intentions.

Join Hacken Cyber Army:

Our digital attacks against Russia are carried out in two directions:

  • DDoS attacks against Russian resources to make them unavailable.

To participate in these attacks you do not need to have any technical knowledge or background. Just follow these steps:

  1. Install and turn on a VPN service (consider hVPN by Hacken, now you can use it for free with no limitations);
  2. Download the disBalancer archive here
  3. Run Disbalancer.exe program
  4. That’s it! Now you’re helping to attack key Russian media and governmental websites

Currently, only Windows OS and Linux are supported but we are working on adding other OS. Release soon.

  • Exploit research programs to detect vulnerabilities in Russian resources. All findings will be communicated to the Ukrainian cyber forces. They will remove false information and disseminate real facts on Russian platforms.

Participate in the program at:

The mission of our Cyber Army is to stop Russian propaganda that is disseminating misinformation and fakes to support Putin’s criminal regime. Truth is one of the most powerful weapons. Together we can stop the war and save thousands of lives in Ukraine.



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