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5 min readMar 29, 2021


DisBalancer, the second project to enter the Hacken Foundation, is a solution that protects companies against DDoS attacks while enabling users to earn tokens by renting out their free computing power and bandwidth to the network.

DDOS token is the utility token used for operations in the disBalancer ecosystem. The main role of the DDOS token is to enable the value transition within the ecosystem.

Parties involved in the disBalancer ecosystem

At disBalancer, there are 3 main parties involved in the tokenomics.

Companies striving to protect their resources

DisBalancer is the distributed DDOS protection network. In order to protect their web resources with the disBalancer network, companies are staking DDoS tokens on the main node. The main node splits all traffic into malicious (or unusual) and usual traffic. Usual traffic goes directly to the targeted website while the unusual and malicious traffic is distributed to the user nodes. Only when unexpected or malicious traffic comes through the user nodes, the DDOS tokens are charged from the staking smart contract and distributed to the user nodes.

People use free computing resources to earn DDOS tokens

Any person is eligible to earn DDOS tokens by contributing to the global DDOS protection network. All they need to do is to add free computing power from their personal computer or even mobile device. When the traffic comes through their device, the DDOS tokens are transferred from the Company’s staking account to the users’ wallets. In this case, any person can earn DDOS tokens by protecting businesses from malicious actors.

Main node holders get a fee for traffic detection and load balancing in DDOS tokens

Any owner of a smartphone or computer can connect his device to the Main node deployed in his region. The number of Main nodes in one region is strongly limited. It means that only verified companies can set up the main nodes to ensure the right functioning of the disBalancer network in a region. The Main node holders get a fee from all user nodes’ earnings in the region. Tokens are also credited from the companies’ staking contracts. Part of the fees in DDOS tokens will be burned!

Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin has provided the following feedback on the project:

“DisBalancer has a sustainable functioning model and its potential to bring new value to the industry is very high. The project offers a real solution for businesses addressing the key challenges in the market — intensification of cybercrimes and internet traffic fluctuations. The DDOS token will facilitate interactions between all parties involved and will constitute the prerequisite of the projects’ growth.”

DDOS token distribution

DDOS is a cross-chain ERC20 / BSC-20 utility token. According to the disBalancer token model, initially, 10M DDOS tokens will be minted and will have the following distribution:

$DDOS unlock schedule

There is an unlocking schedule for each of the next 12 months (we will share the exact date of the unlock later, after the last sale round).

Upcoming token sale details

We have decided to make DDOS tokenomics similar to HAPI tokenomics with regard to the latter’s success.

The total token supply is 10M DDOS tokens, with 4M DDOS offered in three token sale rounds.

HAI round

Our most exclusive and valuable round will be held only for the Hacken community.1,6M DDOS will be offered at the price of $0.25. The initial unlock schedule equals 5% of the purchase amount and 10% monthly. The Hard Cap of the HAI round is 2,000,000 HAI.

Token sale starts on April 1st at 1pm UTC and will last for 14 days! Please check the official disBalancer website for more details.

Price in HAI will be announced 24 hours before the sale.

The maximum amount per 1 VeChain address is $HAI 500K, minimum amount is $HAI 5K.

Oversubscribed HAI will be returned to HAI holders proportionally after the end of the sale.

How to participate

Send $HAI (VIP180 VeChain) from your address to the address that will be later specified on the official disBalancer website at the date of sale. DDOS tokens will be credited to a similar address on the ETH network. 50% of all HAI tokens collected during the sale will be burned immediately. The rest will be locked for two years.

Hacken Club Membership and Farming Booster

All Hacken Club Members will receive a higher allocation in the HAI round depending on the Farming Booster applied. Farming boosters are linked to the membership level and the higher the level, the bigger the booster’s multiplier.

  • Level 1 – 1.05X
  • Level 2 — 1.2X
  • Level 3 – 2X

How to get an increased stake in the HAI round:

  1. You should have an active Hacken Club Membership at the moment of transaction
  2. You must send HAI directly from the HackenAI Wallet to the web address provided at the official DisBalancer website
  3. When the sale is finished, the boosters will be applied, and the Hacken Club Members who are eligible to have farming boosters will get a higher allocation

Please refer to the instruction on Hacken Club Membership acquisition if you are not a member yet:

Private round

The private round will be held in ETH for strategic partners. 2M DDOS tokens will be offered at the price of $0.35. The initial unlock schedule is 10% of the purchase amount with 10% monthly later on.

Public round

During the public sale, we will offer $DDOS 400K at the price of $0.5.

Creating liquidity pool

$DDOS 200K and the corresponding amount of ETH and BNB at the public round price will be locked in DDOS/ETH and DDOS/BNB liquidity pool on Uniswap and PancakeSwap correspondingly for one year.

Farming DDOS token

$DDOS 2.4M will be farmed over three years through HAI token staking and distributed to users proportionally to their stake.

Team + Hacken Foundation

A total of 3,4M $DDOS will be distributed among the team and Hacken Foundation.

Hacken Foundation’s stake of 2,4M $DDOS will be locked for 50 months with no initial unlock and 2% on the monthly basis.

The team’s stake of 1M $DDOS will have no initial unlock with the 5% of tokens unlocked on the monthly basis for the purpose of project development.

The launch of the second project within the Hacken Foundation is the confirmation of Hacken’s strong focus on sustainable development of its ecosystem. Further information about DDOS Token sale rounds will be provided soon. Check our social media channels for new announcements so that you don’t miss any updates regarding the official DDOS token sale. Many exciting events are coming! Stay tuned!

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