Meet disBalancer: Tokenomics

DisBalancer, the second project to enter the Hacken Foundation, is a solution that protects companies against DDoS attacks while enabling users to earn tokens by renting out their free computing power and bandwidth to the network.

DDOS token is the utility token used for operations in the disBalancer ecosystem. The main role of the DDOS token is to enable the value transition within the ecosystem.

Parties involved in the disBalancer ecosystem

Companies striving to protect their resources

People use free computing resources to earn DDOS tokens

Main node holders get a fee for traffic detection and load balancing in DDOS tokens

Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin has provided the following feedback on the project:

“DisBalancer has a sustainable functioning model and its potential to bring new value to the industry is very high. The project offers a real solution for businesses addressing the key challenges in the market — intensification of cybercrimes and internet traffic fluctuations. The DDOS token will facilitate interactions between all parties involved and will constitute the prerequisite of the projects’ growth.”

DDOS token distribution

$DDOS unlock schedule

Upcoming token sale details

The total token supply is 10M DDOS tokens, with 4M DDOS offered in three token sale rounds.

HAI round

Token sale starts on April 1st at 1pm UTC and will last for 14 days! Please check the official disBalancer website for more details.

Price in HAI will be announced 24 hours before the sale.

The maximum amount per 1 VeChain address is $HAI 500K, minimum amount is $HAI 5K.

Oversubscribed HAI will be returned to HAI holders proportionally after the end of the sale.

How to participate

Hacken Club Membership and Farming Booster

  • Level 1 – 1.05X
  • Level 2 — 1.2X
  • Level 3 – 2X

How to get an increased stake in the HAI round:

  1. You should have an active Hacken Club Membership at the moment of transaction
  2. You must send HAI directly from the HackenAI Wallet to the web address provided at the official DisBalancer website
  3. When the sale is finished, the boosters will be applied, and the Hacken Club Members who are eligible to have farming boosters will get a higher allocation

Please refer to the instruction on Hacken Club Membership acquisition if you are not a member yet:

Private round

Public round

Creating liquidity pool

Farming DDOS token

Team + Hacken Foundation

Hacken Foundation’s stake of 2,4M $DDOS will be locked for 50 months with no initial unlock and 2% on the monthly basis.

The team’s stake of 1M $DDOS will have no initial unlock with the 5% of tokens unlocked on the monthly basis for the purpose of project development.

The launch of the second project within the Hacken Foundation is the confirmation of Hacken’s strong focus on sustainable development of its ecosystem. Further information about DDOS Token sale rounds will be provided soon. Check our social media channels for new announcements so that you don’t miss any updates regarding the official DDOS token sale. Many exciting events are coming! Stay tuned!

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