Meet Hacken NFT collectibles on VIMWorld — it’s HACKY

Hacken in partnership with VIMworld is introducing our NFT collectible — Hacky. The Hacken Mascot for the NFT universe. A great pleasure for Hacken that our mascot will become one of the fun NFT collectibles available on the VIMworld platform.

What is VIMworld and why own VIMs?

VIMworld is a blockchain-powered smart collectible platform and ecosystem. VIMworld and the associated smart contracts are built on the VeChainThor blockchain. Users collect smart collectibles called VIMs. Each VIM has a unique story and is very limited in quantity. You can use your VIMs to participate in giveaways and events taking place in the VIMworld ecosystem. There are also special tasks for users in the VIMworld ecosystem by completing which they can get rewards. Users are free to transfer their VIMs to other addresses or sell them in the VIMmarket.

You can feed your VIMs to upgrade them to higher tiers. There are currently 17 VIM tiers available ranging from F to SX (S10). The higher the tier, the greater VIM energy is required.

Feeding VIMs to higher tiers results in higher rewards during VIMworld’s periodic “blessing” events, when VIM owners are awarded $VEED tokens (the native currency of VIMworld). Furthermore, higher tier VIMs and VIMs containing “treasure” metadata will have advantages in coming VIMworld games. One of VIMworld’s major goals is to release a gaming SDK that will allow VIMs to appear in third-party developed games, and this will include Hacky! They also plan to implement cross-chain NFT transfer.

In the later stages of the VIM ecosystem development, owners of S-tier and above VIMs will be eligible to get a share from the platform’s fees.

For more detailed information about the VIMworld and its benefits for users, please refer to the VIM World public project proposal.

How to get Hacky?

To get Hacky you need to meet the following requirements:

You must be a Hacken Club Level 2 or Level 3 member and either own 200K VEED tokens or hold >500 VIMenergy in your VIMs.

You will indicate a VeChain wallet address through a special portal accessible in the Hacken app visible only to Associates and Partners. The specified wallet should contain the qualifying level of VEED or VIMenergy on the snapshot, which will occur at 12pm PST on the 1st February 2022. A maximum of one VIM per wallet per Hacken account will be distributed.


  1. You will see this portal in your HackenAI app. Simply click on it.

2. Then enter your VIMworld Wallet and press “Continue”

Who is Hacky?

Hacky is a sentient authenticator bot who has uncovered a secret spyware code pervasive through all the systems on his planet when working for a leading security company. After tapping into the program to find out how to combat it, he gained access to the multiverse, along with countless alternate versions of himself who could help fight it.

You can view the story about Hacky’s first adventure in VIMworld in our recent publication.

Why should you feed your Hacky?

Under the partnership between Hacken and VIMworld, the community members of these projects will get the F-tier Hacky when they meet the requirements. F-tier is an attractive but young-looking Hacky. When you feed your Hacky to SX level, it will look like a true cybersecurity guru, a multiverse-traversing cyber protector. More advanced artwork is unlocked at the A, S2, S6, and SX-tier levels.

We hope that the story about Hacky will inspire you to improve your cybersecurity awareness. Hacky will be your instrument to dive deeper into cybersecurity in a gaming and interactive format.

We would like to thank the VIMworld team for the opportunity to popularize our mascot in the NFT universe.

About VIMworld

VIMworld is a next generation, blockchain-powered smart collectible platform and ecosystem. In VIMworld, users collect and interact with smart collectibles called VIMs, going through various interactive and rewarding experiences with them across worlds. VIMworld is currently in public Early Access, with features continuing to be added and developed. Users in this stage are early adopters, joining us and playing their role in the development of this revolutionary ecosystem from its very inception.

For more information and updates regarding VIMworld, please refer to these channels:

VIMworld Website

VIMworld Twitter

VIMworld Telegram

VIMworld Medium

VIMworld Discord

For other Hacken updates, please monitor these channels:

Hacken Club Twitter

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Hacken Foundation Website

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