Meet HackenAI Update

At the end of 2021, the number of users of the HackenAI application almost reached 40K (+165% increase vs 2020). The number of sessions demonstrated even a more significant growth and reached 390K in 2021 (+344% increase vs 2020).

The demand for the HackenAI application keeps on growing. That is why our team prioritises introducing application updates to meet users’ needs.

Our users are interested in using HackenAI as a secure and functional virtual assets management application. Thus, we have added the following features to HackenAI:

You may find the required token info at Always double-check the information on the token address by visiting the official website of a project.

If a dark theme is turned on in your smartphone settings, it will likely automatically appear in your updated HackenAI application. In any case, you will be able to switch themes in the application settings.

If you have activated the automatic updates function on your smartphone settings, the updated version of HackenAI will be installed automatically. Otherwise, download the update at:

This update will make HackenAI a more functional virtual assets management application.

Thank you for using HackenAI. New updates are coming.

For more information about Hacken and our recent news/updates, please refer to these channels:



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