Meet HAPI: The First Round Exclusive For HAI Holders

For Hacken community only: Round#1 of HAPI token sale for HAI will start tomorrow, 16th Feb 2021.

HAI holders would be the main beneficiaries from HAPI TGE.

HAPI is a fundamental product that creates the new layer of cybersecurity for the whole DeFi and blockchain industry and puts Hacken name to crypto history hall of fame.

HAI token is an exclusive and the most beneficial entry point to HAPI.

With the launch of HAPI token, a new utility of HAI is introduced. HAI holders will be able to stake and earn HAPI through a cross-blockchain staking platform.

HAPI farming would have have a multiplier effect on Hacken Foundation growth and is a vital step towards HAI strategic goal #roadto1bln.

How can you participate in Token sale?

Joining the HAI round is simple:

  • Token sale will take place on the HAPI website that will be available Feb 16 2021 at 1:20 PM(UTC).
  • You send HAI (VIP180 VeChain) tokens to the address on the HAPI website. The HAPI pre-sale address for sending tokens will be available at HAPI website on Feb 16 at 4:20 PM(UTC).
  • Tokens will be credited to a similar address on the ETH network. You will receive detailed instructions on how to open a wallet with the same address in the ETH network.
  • All the tokens sent Feb 17 after 4:20 PM(UTC) will be forwarded back to the owner, less VTHO commission.
  • Please note: Tokens sent directly from the crypto exchange won’t take part in the sale and will be frozen until the circumstances are clarified.

All the necessary information concerning upcoming HAPI TGE:

  • HAPI distribution: TGE (read rules)
  • Price for 1 HAPI: 35 HAI
  • CAP of HAI Round: 8 400 000 HAI
  • HAI distribution: 19.02.2021*
  • Personal min CAP: 5000 HAI
  • Personal max CAP: 500 000 HAI (per 1 VeChain address)
  • Auction Type: Round #1 — HAI round
  • Start date: 16.02.2021 4:20 PM UTC
  • End date: 17.02.2021 4:20 PM UTC
  • Accepted currency: HAI
  • Initial unlock of tokens: The initial unlocking will represent 10% of the purchase amount and 10% monthly
  • Tokens unlock period: 10 month

*Oversubscribed HAI would be returned to HAI holders proportionally.

50% of all HAI tokens collected on the sale will be burned immediately. Another 50% will be locked up for two years.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to own HAPI.

HAPI is the first project to enter the Hacken Foundation, and is a significant first step for Hacken’s transformation into a solid cybersecurity ecosystem. More information about the next HAPI token sale rounds will be available and released in our social media channels as well as the HAPI Telegram Group.

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