Meet Worminator: Bot-killer entering Hacken Foundation

The recent successful launch of the PureFi project has demonstrated the value of anti-bot solutions for investors’ confidence and trust. In our previous publication, we did not disclose the name of this hero that could save PureFi investors’ close to $50,000 by reverting more than 100 suspicious transactions. But today it’s high time to announce that this revolutionary project has joined the Hacken Foundation family. So, please welcome Worminator!!!

The modern crypto industry offers huge opportunities to common investors but, at the same time, most profits are taken by the players who use different unhealthy trading techniques such as sniping bots to buy low soon after the launch of a project to later sell at much higher prices. These manipulations do not only cause serious financial damage to common investors but can also dramatically affect the performance of recently launched projects and may even become a reason behind their exit from the market. Common users are interested in seeing a healthy investment environment where all players have equal rights and opportunities. That is why anti-bot solutions are highly demanded in the industry.

Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin shared his valuable feedback on the new project: “Hacken and Worminator share the same vision on cleaning the DeFi space from bad actors. Anti-sniping solution is just the start of the war against malicious trading bots. Skilled team, big addon to Hacken Foundation products and services line”.

Worminator’s VISION

Worminator aims to develop a tracking system for any automated trading activities on DEX platforms to save liquidity and investors’ assets from draining.

Worminator’s solution will create a safe ecosystem for investors and projects in the DeFi space as well as the shared database containing fraudulent addresses (sniping bots, sandwich bots etc). As a result, the introduction of this project will lead to an increase in the level of industry maturity and will attract new investors to contribute their resources to innovative entities.

Target Audience

Emerging crypto projects and ongoing projects striving to protect their community and tokenomics against malicious market manipulations. These projects are interested in seeing their community growing rather than observing investors withdrawing their assets due to the uncertainties caused by the activities performed by malicious bots.


Benefit: fair and equal opportunities for investors, healthy ecosystem ensuring projects’ growth.

Problem: unfair market conditions and liquidity manipulations caused by the activities performed by different types of bots and AMMs.

Need: secure liquidity pool before the project’s launch as well as prevent draining after launch.

Product Description

A complex ecosystem consisting of both on-chain and off-chain solutions that can identify fraudulent blockchain actions and stores data in the shared database for further usage (B2C model e.g. with pre-defined subscription plans). Worminator has already proved its efficiency in real cases with an MVP on-chain sniping-bot protection solution.

On-chain bot-detection solutions will be offered for integration in any smart contract. Consumers will have to deposit a specified amount of $WORM utility token on the contract depending on the number of address checks provided by the project’s on-chain solution.

Main features are:

  • Easy-to-use on-chain solution storing data on suspicious users
  • Uniform off-chain storage
  • Customer-centric real-time oracle to monitor decentralized applications
  • Cross-chain solution

Business Goals

Worminator’s main business goals:

  • Cover a wide range of major blockchains
  • Expand collaboration model and attract more customers
  • Extend Hacken Foundation ecosystem to create more reliable and safer DeFi space


WORM Token Sale Details

Worminator Token Sale will become the new way of token distribution for Hacken Foundation’s project. We have decided to put the interests of our community first. Worminator is the first project to enter the Hacken Foundation with its own token WRMNTOR. For the Hacken Foundation, it is a great opportunity to test the new way of Multi-token Swap for the benefit of both the Hacken and Worm communities.

How it Works

New Token Generation

The existing Worminator’s token WRMNTOR will be swapped to the new token WORM. For value generation purposes, we have added extra benefits for the existing Worminator & Hacken communities.

Multi-token Swap Rounds

Round 1: WRMNTOR Hodler Round

Available only to users holding >10,000 WRMNTOR by 4th August 2021.

The users who have bought tokens after this date will not be eligible to participate in Round 1 but will have a chance to participate in Round 2 and Round 3.

1 WORM = 1 HAI + 100 WRMNTOR

  • Available for Round 1: 1,000,000 WORM
  • Limit per 1 Wallet: 1,000,000 WRMNTOR and10,000 HAI
  • Round 1 Timeline: 10–25 of August

!!!! First come first served !!!!

HAI swapped are transferred to the Worminator team treasury and are locked for 1 year.

Round 2: HAI Round

Available only to Hacken Club Members:

3rd level Hacken Club Members: 1 WORM = 1 HAI + 100 WRMNTOR

2nd level Hacken Club Members: 1 WORM = 1.5 HAI + 100 WRMNTOR

1st level Hacken Club Members: 1 WORM = 2 HAI + 100 WRMNTOR

  • Available for Round 2: 1,000,000 WORM
  • Limit per 1 Wallet: 1,000,000 WRMNTOR and 10,000 HAI
  • Round 2 Timeline: 12–25 of August

!!!! First come first served !!!!

How to get Hacken Club Membership

Please refer to the instruction on Hacken Club Membership acquisition if you are not a member yet but want to enjoy all benefits provided to members:

Find the link to download HackenAI application at:

Round 3: LP Round

Available to everyone:

1 WORM = 1HAI + 100WRMNTOR + 0.0001 BNB

  • Available for Round 3: 3,000,000 WORM
  • Limit per 1 Wallet: 10,000,000 WRMNTOR and 100,000 HAI
  • Round 3 Timeline: 16–25 of August

!!!! First come first served !!!!

50% of HAI & BNB swapped during the 3rd round will be locked to liquidity pools

The remaining 50% of HAI swapped will be immediately burned.

** The token sale technical details will be announced on 9th August.


Planned for the end of August — beginning of September. All details will be announced later.

Where to buy HAI

You can buy HAI on a number of exchanges such as PancakeSwap, KuCoin, and others. (view the full list where you can buy HAI on Coingecko).

The modern crypto industry is becoming mature. The projects that can address real needs affecting common users have a great chance to succeed in any season. Investors are interested in working with reliable teams rather than manipulators. That is why we strongly believe that the future of Worminator is very bright. The team behind this project clearly realizes market needs and develops task-oriented solutions. It’s a very reasonable approach to doing business. So, stay with us! The end of Summer will bring a lot of exciting and valuable news for our community!


Hacken Foundation is launching Worminator in a new revolutionary way. Please be informed about possible risks and make your investment decisions based on preliminary research. We will consider the results of this innovative idea when deciding on the launch of new projects within Hacken Foundation. All our activities and new strategies are aimed at creating benefits for our community. Your welfare is a top priority for us!!!

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