Membership Migration: Farming Boosters, Yield, and 24/7 Cybersecurity Protection

We are excited to announce that the New Hacken Club Membership has become available.

If you already have Hacken Club Membership, then migration is a very simple process. Just click on the “Migrate Membership” button on the Membership page in the HackenAI App and everything will happen automatically. You just need to wait a few moments till the confirmation of the transaction .

When migrating you may choose between 6 and 12 months membership periods. All tokens available on your current membership will be automatically transferred to the new smart contract. Depending on the token amount, you will get the following Levels:

  • Level 1: 1,000–9,999 HAI
  • Level 2: 10,000–99,999 HAI
  • Level 3: 100,000 — Unlimited

Upon migrating your membership, you can replenish or upgrade your level to get higher benefits. Remember that HAPI farming will start in mid-March and farming boosters will play a huge role!

Membership Migration Instruction

If you already have active Hacken Club Membership, please complete the following steps:

  1. Update your HackenAI Application in the Apple AppStore or Google Play
  2. Go to Wallet -> Membership Migration
  3. Click on Migrate Membership button
  4. If you are eligible to migrate to Level 2 / Level 3, you will be able to choose between 6 or 12 months Membership Periods
  5. Click on Migrate and wait until the migration is completed. It usually takes up to 15 minutes, but in some cases may take up to 24 hours.

Video instruction:

Please read the FAQ section at the end of the article. If you don’t find the answer you need there, please contact :

Membership Purchase Instruction

If you don’t have an active membership but you want to purchase it in order to get Hacken Club Membership’s benefits, please complete the following steps:

  1. Update your Application in the Apple AppStore or Google Play
  2. Go to Wallet -> Membership
  3. Select the membership Level you want to purchase
  4. If you are purchasing Level 2 / Level 3 Membership, please choose the lock-up period
  5. Select the number of tokens you wish to lock on the Membership
  6. Click on the “Get Membership” button and wait until the migration is completed. It usually takes up to 15 minutes, but in some cases may take up to 24 hours.

Video instruction:

Please read the FAQ section in the bottom of the article. If you don’t find the answer you need there, please contact:

Hacken Club Membership. What’s New?

Hacken Club Levels

Instead of 4 levels in our previous membership model, the New Hacken Club membership will include 3 Levels: Member, Associate, and Partner. Instead of the USD nomination we have decided to switch to the HAI nomination. The Hacken Club Membership starts from 1,000 HAI.

We have also decided not to limit you by the exact amount of HAI. Now, you can lock any amount of HAI tokens on the Membership smart-contract.

  • Level 1: 1,000–9,999 HAI
  • Level 2: 10,000–99,999 HAI
  • Level 3: 100,000 — Unlimited

You will be able to choose, upgrade, and manage your membership in a more convenient way. You can replenish and upgrade your membership level whenever you want within the membership period. You can also decide what membership period to choose. Hacken offers you 6 and 12 months periods. The longer period, the higher benefits.


Starting from Level 2 membership you are eligible to earn yield on your locked tokens. Tokens credited as yield are taken from the Hacken Foundation Reserves and do not increase the total amount of issued tokens and, thus, do not cause inflation. The Yield will be determined based on your membership level and lock-up period.

Level 2: Associate

  • 6 months — 5%
  • 12 months — 7%

Level 3: Partner

  • 6 months — 7%
  • 12 months — 9%

The Yield is accrued on a daily basis. At the end of each period you will be able to either withdraw Yield or capitalize it. In the latter case, the yield will be added to your locked-up tokens.

Farming Boosters

This is probably the most interesting part of Hacken Club Membership. Farming Boosters enable you to farm more tokens with the same amount of Staked HAI. HAPI farming will constitute the first opportunity for you to apply farming boosters. Farming Boosters’ multiplier depends on the Hacken Club Membership Level:

  • Level 1: 1,05X (+5%)
  • Level 2: 1,20X (+20%)
  • Level 3: 2X (+100%)

Farming will become available from the mid-March. Further announcements are coming.

B2B and B2C Referral Bonuses

Likewise the previous membership model, the New Hacken Club Membership provides benefits for attracting new members and corporate clients.

If you know corporate clients who may be interested in any of the services provided by Hacken, just give them the contacts such as telegram or email of the Hacken official representatives. As soon as the job is done you will receive your referral bonus.

To attract new Hacken Club Members just use the coupons available in HackenAI App. Generate coupons and send them to your friends. Once they apply the coupon to make a purchase, the reward will be provided automatically.

HackenAI Ecosystem

In Hacken, we believe that cybersecurity is the right since everyone should be protected on the Internet!

All Hacken Club Members will have Free access to the HackenAI Ecosystem of cybersecurity Apps. hVPN, hPass, hGuard, and hAuth are only the beginning of the journey! More products will come soon. Authorization is simple. If you have Hacken Club Membership, just authorize with the email used in HackenAI App. Free Premium access will be provided to you for the whole period of Membership!

Early Termination Fee

Now, all members can terminate their membership at any time. Early termination fee depends on the membership level.

  • Level 1: 30%
  • Level 2: 20%
  • Level 3: 10%

All early termination fees will be burned immediately!

Please note: Some functions at the New Hacken Club Membership are working in test mode. The functions like early termination will become available soon.


Can I migrate a part of my membership?

No, memberships operate on smart-contracts. So, when you migrate, all tokens will be transferred to a new smart contract.

Is Membership Migration mandatory?

No, membership migration is not mandatory. But if you don’t migrate membership, you will not get farming boosters and other benefits of New Memberships.

Can I withdraw tokens from the membership smart-contract?

Yes, you can withdraw tokens from the membership smart-contract upon the end of the lock-up period. If you want to terminate your membership earlier, termination fee will be applied.

What is the difference between Replenishment and Upgrade of Membership?

When upgrading membership, you will deposit the exact number of tokens needed to this end. But you can replenish it with any amount of tokens. Higher membership balance means higher yield.

How do Farming Boosters work?

Farming boosters increase your stake in the total farming pool.

For example: If you stake 10,000 for HAPI farming with a 2X booster, you will receive 20,000 HAI stake in the farming pool!

Can I farm HAPI or other tokens with the tokens staked on Hacken Club Membership?

No, although Hacken Club Membership gives you benefits, you can’t farm using these tokens. Farming operates on another smart-contract! Hacken Club Membership gives you farming boosters that increase your stake in the farming pool.

How to farm HAPI?

The announcement will be made in mid-March! Stay tuned!

When Yield?

Yield is credited every day. You can withdraw it directly to your HackenAI wallet or capitalize it by adding yield to your current membership. Yield is not withdrawn automatically. Please note, when you withdraw the yield the transaction fee applies. The minimal withdrawal amount is 15 HAI.

Does Replenishment prolong my membership?

No, if you replenish your membership and do not upgrade the Level, the maturity date will remain the same.

Is there a minimal replenishment amount?

Yes, the minimal replenishment amount is 1,000 HAI.

Does Upgrade prolong my membership?

Yes, every time you upgrade your membership level, your membership period will be prolonged either for 6 or 12 months.

Can I withdraw a part of my tokens?

No, the membership can’t be downgraded. In order to withdraw your membership please wait for the maturity date or apply for early termination.

When will the early termination become available?

Some functions like early termination work in test mode. They will become available soon.

Do I need to withdraw my membership upon the maturity date?

Upon the end of the membership period you can either withdraw or prolong your membership. Please note that tokens will be locked on smart contract until you withdraw them!

Where to apply for technical assistance?

If you have any technical inquiries, please contact:

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