Open Letter from CEO Dyma Budorin to the HackenAI Community

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Dear HackenAI community,

Almost a week has passed since the HackenAI release. Over this period of time, we have begun the HKN to HAI token swap, as well as the commencement of HAI trading on OceanEx Exchange.

This week was quite tough for us in terms of workload. But at the same time, this week has given us many answers to questions and allowed us to clear a few uncertainties expressed by users in our community. The HKN to HAI token swap has been progressing smoothly, and community activity on our social media channels are bustling with activity.

First of all, thank you so much for the feedback about the HackenAI project and app. We worked really hard last year to make it happen. Your positive and constructive feedback motivates us to work even harder!

As CEO and Co-Founder of Hacken, I want to personally express my gratitude to our veteran HKN holders. As I said before on numerous occasions, HackenAI will not be possible without the initial HKN community that had supported us in our times of need.

We will let neither our old HKN and our new HAI community down, as well as our new friends who trust us in the VeChain community, and will deliver the best cybersecurity project you will experience. We are truly honored and thank you for supporting us in our journey to become the best cybersecurity company in the blockchain industry.

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As announced earlier, there is a 50% discount on all levels of staking packages ongoing now till July 31st, 2020.

Currently, we are preparing for more exchange listings, and we would like to announce that the Direct Purchase Dashboard will be closed on May 7th, 2020.

Users who would like to acquire HAI tokens can do so at the OceanEx exchange, and from other exchanges that HAI will be listed soon. Please wait for our announcement!

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The HackenAI Staking Program brings numerous benefits to users, with savings on subscription packages of values up to USD$700 + annually, depending on staking levels. The benefits includes up to lifetime free Normal subscription ($84 / year), and Premium subscription ($168/year), enhanced limit to the DarkNet Monitoring feature(up to a value of ($600 / year at unlimited accounts), Hacken B2B services discounts (up to $1000s of dollars), and many more bonuses. Besides the individual bonuses, it also acts as a method to control the circulation supply in the open market, encouraging the scarcity of the token and thus increasing the value of each individual HAI.

Read more about the Staking Program and its benefits here!

We highly encourage all of our users to acquire their desired amount of HAI tokens as soon as possible to take advantage in this promotional offer.

Today, I would like to share some good news with the HAI community. In less than a week since we activated the token swap function in our HackenAI 1.0 app, we have seen a high level of trust and commitment shown by the HKN community.

Let me share with you some of the statistics and data we have gathered for the HKN to HAI token swap thus far (as of May 4th, 2020).

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From the data we have gathered, a total of 90.6% of swapped HAI choose voluntary lock-up between 3 months to a year.

From the total token swap amount, a significant majority (78.4%) of the users locked up their tokens for 1 year, 8.5% of the users locked up their tokens for 6 months, and 3.8% of the users locked up their tokens for 3 months.

This indicates that 38,494,183 HAI (90.6% out of 100%) is locked out from entering the circulatory supply. The lockups signifies that our token swap users believe in the value of HAI, and at the same time, further reduces the amount of HAI tokens entering the circulatory supply in the open market.

Aside from the lockups committed by the HKN community, don’t forget about our IEO community and Direct Purchase investors.

In just 5 days after the release of the HackenAI 1.0 app, we achieved more than 5,300 unique user registrations, and much more downloads from the App Store and Play Store.

Data from our side has indicated that as much as 60 users (and counting!) have decided to lockup their HAI tokens by participating in our Staking Program. More than 15 million HAI tokens are locked up by our Staking Program users.

Remember, everyone is able to sign up for the Staking Program by having the required HAI tokens in their HackenAI wallet. With numerous benefits offered by our Staking Program and Subscription Packages, we encourage all our users to participate in the program.

Purchase HAI tokens now at OceanEx Exchange.

HAI Total Supply Analysis

In this Open Letter I would like to disclose our current HAI Token Supply analysis to our community. Please refer to the table below:

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With the above data, we can see the effects of the HKN Token Swap Lockups and the Staking Program lockups. Each HAI is made more valuable thanks to the low circulation supply, and will boost demand for HAI tokens on the open market.

The low circulation supply as calculated above has demonstrated the amount of trust and goodwill that our community has given us.

More Good News to Come for HAI holders and HackenAI users

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We will continue to relentlessly work hard to bring even more value to our HAI community. Our roadmap has much more features planned for both HAI token holders as well as our HackenAI app users who are interested in securing their personal cybersecurity with our HackenAI modules.

Please continue to look forward to more news on our social media channels and our official blog. As always, our social media links will be included at the end of this article. Come join us in our Telegram channel and chat with our active community!

Our team is focused on the long-term growth of our project. The Hacken project has changed a lot in the since our beginnings and it will change much more, for the better in the upcoming year. We are just in the beginning of our journey and we all are very thankful for your trust!

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