PureFi token distribution details for HAI Round

We are pleased to announce that the HAI Round for the PureFi project is closed. The total amount of HAI raised is 26,209,523 HAI (without boosters). That means that the PureFi project has drawn your active attention!

In this material, we would like to share with all participants the results of this HAI Round and the next steps.

220 community members participated in the HAI Round for PureFi:

  • 116 — Level 2 Hacken Club Members with 1,2x boosters
  • 104 — Level 3 Hacken Club Members with 2x boosters

We are also glad to state that during the PureFi campaign 80 users have acquired or upgraded their membership to Level 3 and 46 users have become Level 2 Hacken Club Members. All these community members will get additional newcomer boosters as declared in the PureFi announcement article.

The total amount of raised funds including membership, urgency, and newcomers boosters is 120,131,678 HAI.

The official UFI/HAI rate is: 1HAI = 2.5UFI

Total Oversubscription Rate including all boosters is 150X!!!

How to count your allocation:

Seems to be a long formula? Look at this example and everything will be clear.

Let’s imagine that Bob sent 100,000 HAI. Bob got Level 3 Membership on 2 July 2021. Thus, Bob’s newcomer booster equals 2X and the Membership booster also equals 2X. Bob was very interested in participating in this HAI Round but due to technical issues could carry out all required operations only on the third day (15 July). Thus, Bob’s urgency booster equals 1.6X. As mentioned above, total HAI sent with all boosters applied equals 120,131,678 while the total $UFI supply for the HAI Round equals 2,000,000 UFI. Now, let’s calculate Bob’s allocation:

Bob’s allocation = (100,000 * 2 * 1.6 * 2) / (120,131,678) * 2,000,000 = 10,655 UFI tokens.

$UFI Distribution for the HAI Round Participants

All participants eligible for receiving $UFI tokens according to the rules specified in the announcement article will get tokens automatically to their BSC wallet. $UFI tokens will be airdropped right after the creation of UFI/ETH and UFI/BNB liquidity pools.

Important Details

Please make sure to connect the same wallet like the one you have in your HackenAI App.

If you are not sure how to do it, please refer to the instructions prepared by Binance: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain

Add UFI token to your wallet:

  1. Make sure that you have changed the network to Smart Chain
  2. Add $UFI token to your wallet

What were the requirements for getting $UFI

  • You must send HAI (only the VeChain HAI tokens are allowed) from the HackenAI Wallet
  • You need to be at least a Level 2 Hacken Club Member
  • Minimal amount is 5,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address
  • Maximum amount is 500,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address

In case you have not followed at least one of these requirements, don’t worry, all tokens will be sent back to your wallet in full size. But be more attentive when participating in future HAI Rounds so that not to miss such great opportunities!

Oversubscription and Farming

As specified in the announcement article, all oversubscribed HAI tokens will be distributed to PureFi token farming automatically 14 days after the IDO and then the farming will be launched (oversubscribed tokens will be locked until the start of farming).

Totally 7M $UFI will be available for farming for 3 years. The farming option will be available in the HackenAI App.

The PureFi farming will start on Aug 10, 2021.

Hacken team would like to thank our community members for your active position and willingness to bring highly demanded changes to the industry! By investing in innovative projects developing security solutions you protect ethical players and their assets against malicious parties.

This time, we have introduced a number of nice features such as urgency and newcomer boosters to the HAI Round mechanism. And we are strongly focused on making participation in the future HAI rounds for innovative projects even more interactive and beneficial for you.

So, stay with us and become richer by making the world a safer place!

About PureFi

PureFi is the only DeFi compliance protocol for cryptocurrency onboarding. Developed in partnership with Hacken and AMLBot, it aims to provide a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures on the DeFi market. Within a set of smart contracts, PureFi will connect KYC/AML providers with DeFi users and Dexs/Defi projects to provide crypto asset analytics and protect honest DeFi market players from “dirty money” risks.

Find more info about PureFi at:

Website: https://purefi.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Purefi_Protocol

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/PureFi_Protocol

Telegram: https://t.me/purefipro

Telegram: https://t.me/purefiprotocol

About Hacken Foundation

Hacken Foundation gives a boost to innovative cybersecurity solutions by empowering the Hacken Ecosystem through HAI Tokenomics. All projects pass a strict pre-approval procedure before entering Hacken Foundation so that potential investors may be fully confident of the projects’ transparency and security of their assets. Hacken Foundation has successfully launched 4 projects including HAPI, disBalancer, ArtWallet, and PureFi. It is just the beginning of our long journey. We keep on looking for talents whose cybersecurity projects will make a difference in the digitized world.

Monitor Hacken announcements on social media channels:

Hacken Club Twitter: https://twitter.com/hackenclub

Hacken Club Telegram: https://t.me/hackenclub

Hacken Club Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/hacken/

Hacken Club Telegram Ru: https://t.me/hackenclub_ru

Hacken Website: https://hacken.io/

Hacken Foundation Website: https://hackenfoundation.com/




The community of crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts united to keep not only themselves but also their friends and family safe in today’s digital world.

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Hacken Club

Hacken Club

The community of crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts united to keep not only themselves but also their friends and family safe in today’s digital world.

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