AMA recap: HAI х WTR, $1 million allocated to DAO, hVPN, and more…

AMA session with Dyma Budorin, Hacken CEO, recap

Recap of the recent Discord AMA with Dyma Budorin on HAI round, re:water, and a big giveback to the Hacken community.

Breaking news: $1 million in WTR tokens to be given to Hacken DAO.


Let’s start with the re:water topic. Hacken’s participation and investment in the re:water project were always about bringing value to the Hacken community. The main idea behind HAI round for re:water was to engage the Hacken community with a significant amount of WTR tokens so that our community could decide, on their own, who wants to be in re:water game.

Developing re:water took much longer than expected. The code is brand new and requires lots of work. Market conditions changed as well. But today, re:water game is 95% ready to play and stake. re:water has a unique concept of war modes, which creates utility for WTR holders. They choose the role — pirates or angels — and decide who to help and who to attack.

$1 million for Hacken Community DAO

Considering the best way how we can bring the biggest value with WTR to the Hacken community, we decided not to make the HAI round for WTR. But in exchange, we are transferring 100% of Hacken allocation in WTR to Hacken community DAO, which is 0,6% of the total supply.

Basically, it is a dividend of 1 million USD to our community.

What does it mean? It means the first tangible assets under your management.

And only the Hacken community will decide what to do with 936 million WTR tokens:

  • to allocate between HAI holders
  • to farm
  • to attack in re:water game or to protect
  • to sell and buy back $HAI

The idea of starting the DAO with a big giveback to the community was a dream for far too long…

And now we will have this chance!

We decided not to have a small HAI round for 45 million WTR so that it doesn’t disturb and create inequality in our community. For this topic, please expect proper instructions and updates.


There are a few other things to share.

Finally, one year after the release of, Hacken’s VPN app entered into organic growth and gained traction. Currently, there are 31k active (not just downloads) users (11k from the US). There will be changes in the hVPN subscription model. The marketing team came up with a fascinating model. On top of it, we will properly integrate on-ramp partners into We will have a few simple steps to convert these people into HAI members. 31k active user base is an excellent number to start with.


The next thing to underline is the importance of TOKEN2049 in Singapore. Probably, one of the main events of the year. And we are preparing two big announcements. Both are huge achievements and will have a massive effect on us, especially B2C and the community. The future is bright. We keep working hard to generate and bring value to you, our primary stakeholders.


Q: When will we start proper marketing?

Dyma Budorin: Marketing starts from products and utility. We must bring new ideas to the market first and then turn on the marketing. Pushing old stuff during a bear market doesn’t make sense.

Q: What role do you see re:water playing within the Web 2.0 world?

Dyma Budorin: re:water founders are from Web2. Their marketing skills are more Web2 focused. Let the game begin, and we will see. The key is that with today’s decision Hacken community doesn’t have any risks; it only benefits from our cooperation with re:water

Q: What are the greatest benefits of the agreement between Hacken and re:water?

Mr.Fantastic: There are no agreements, we just invested in them.

Dyma Budorin: We invested at the earliest stage. And the decision is to allocate 100% to our community.

Q: Are you already working on HAI’s new ideas and use-cases? When will it get released? This year?

Dyma Budorin: Today, we are asking ourselves a bit different questions.

What is the Hacken community? Why do we exist? What is the perfect shape of the Hacken community in 3 years? Can we change the world together during the next three years? Can we create community principles where people want to be part of us?

Q: What was the main reason Hacken decided to invest in re:water? What was the biggest selling point?

Dyma Budorin: Recirculating tokenomics. I didn’t see any analogs. Another reason is the war mode. Even with a relatively small community, I bet we will see pirates, angels, farmers, and big alliances. That’s a big economic and social experiment. I want to see this project succeed.

Q: Does Hacken plan to list this year in other markets?

Dyma Budorin: There are 7+1 exchanges worth to be listed: Binance, Kraken, FTX, Coinbase,, OKX, Huobi + Bybit. All others aren’t worth the effort. We have contact with all of them. And all free-of-charge listing metrics are related to community size and engagement. This is the most crucial thing we must change and work on behind the scenes. There is no alternative. I am too public, and paying under the table is not an option for us.

Hacken today is a reputable brand in the Web3 security market. We are building lots of B2B stuff behind the scenes. Hacken is almost 100 people, and we have all the chances to repeat the route of the biggest Web2 companies. At least, this is our minimum ambition. But at the same time, we think about the biggest differentiation from Web2 — a chance to build a community that matters. And I must tell the truth — farming will not be the main discussion topic of our community in 3 years. We have to change it, and we will do it for the good of everybody here.

Q: When do you plan to add those new farms you announced before?

Dyma Budorin: HackenAI app will have a major update. Hopefully early November.

Q: Is there any updates about HaaS?

Dyma Budorin: R&D is now focused on two products. There will be at least two B2B product releases this year.

Q: I heard about R&D previously. Can you tell me in short what it is?

Dyma Budorin: We are researching what would be the cyber threats in 1–3 years and preparing scalable solutions for tackling those threats.

We’re more than happy you have read this far, folks 😅 We’re also thankful to those who were at the AMA and asked questions to Dyma, and we’re ready to announce …👇

The winners asked the most solid questions

  • jf#5187
  • Bullish Pizza 🍕#9245

Congratulations to the winners! Each of the mentioned above community members will receive 1250 $HAI.

*Make sure to DM MrFantastic#8278 with your HackenAI wallet address on Discord!



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The community of crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts united to keep not only themselves but also their friends and family safe in today’s digital world.