Re:water: New HAI Round is Coming on Sep 15, 2022

3 min readSep 6, 2022


Great news for our сommunity!

We are launching the HAI round for re:water, a liquidity metaverse project that will happen on September 15 and last three days. In a few weeks, re:water will have IDOs/ITOs for their token $WTR on launchpads like NFTB, TruePNL, Erax, and more. While the price during IDOs and ITOs will be $0.00091 for $WTR, our community can buy it with HAI for $0.00072 per $WTR.

In the past, Hacken has conducted four successful HAI rounds for 1ART, HAPI, DDOS, and UFI. With a perfect record of HAI rounds, the upcoming event will again offer a chance to earn high returns.

First Glance at Re:water

re:water is an ultimate liquidity metaverse consisting of:

· Global Cloud. The biggest water repository hovering over the Surface

· Planet. The whole surface is divided into NFTs of virtual land — Tiles.

· Rain. Rain is the autonomous algorithm distributing WTR tokens among Tile owners.

re:water Website | re:water Twitter

HAI-WTR Round Details

The total supply of available tokens during the HAI round is 45,000,000 WTR tokens priced at $0.00072

  • We will determine the price of HAI 24 hours before the end of the HAI Round by its market value.
  • The address for the HAI Round will be announced on the date of sale, September 15.
  • The vesting schedule is to be announced later.

The HAI Round for $WTR starts on September 15 and will last three days

  • Start date: September 15, 2022
  • End date: September 17, 2022

You must send HAI (only the VeChain HAI tokens are accepted) from HackenAI Wallet. If you need to transfer tokens to VET, please bridge them in the HackenAI app or on the Hacken Foundation website.

To participate in HAI round for $WTR, you must possess the Hacken Club Membership while sending HAI. You CAN NOT first send HAI and then obtain the membership status.

While the minimum amount of HAI tokens sent from each unique HackenAI address is 10,000 HAI, we decided not to set the maximum amount.

Get More WTR Tokens with Additional Boosters

Get a higher allocation in the HAI round by applying our unique boosters.

Hacken Club Membership boosters:

Level 1 (Member) — 1,05x

Level 2 (Associate) — 1,2x

Level 3 (Partner) — 2x

Applying within the first day can also increase your allocation in the HAI round. The earlier you apply, the greater urgency booster you get:

Urgency Boosters:

1st day — 2x

2nd day — 1,5x

3rd day — 1x

These bonuses significantly increase the number of bought tokens for the most active community members.
For example: if you send 10000 HAI on the 1st day of the sale (2x multiplier) and your Hacken Club Membership level is Partner (2x multiplier) — you get 40000 HAI worth of $WTR tokens.

How to Become a Hacken Club Member

Please refer to the following instruction if you are not a member yet.

NB! Keep in mind that unless you follow all the requirements above, we will return the tokens to your wallet address, and you will not be eligible for an allocation.

Stay tuned for more details.

We’ll release more details on the HAI round in the upcoming days, including an analysis of re:water, unlock/vesting information, and more. To stay up to date with all the news, follow us on Twitter and join our community on Discord.




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