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Every day when we get up to go to work or otherwise go about our daily routine we encounter both open and concealed cyber risks. With so many threats that seemingly emerge every day, it can be difficult to stay on top of all the latest developments and make sure that your personal information remains secure. Fortunately, HackenAI is available to keep you safe. It is your trusted companion for all cybersecurity issues starting with simple “cyber hygiene” improvements all the way to crypto exchange account protection.

Since HackenAI can be used by anybody, regardless of whether they own crypto assets or not, it can help keep people safe from some of the most common issues facing personal security. Let’s take a look at some of the major threats people everywhere have to deal with and how HackenAI can be of use in helping to remediate personal safety risks.

We all get suspicious-looking emails containing all kinds of offers to entice us to click on the link contained inside. Such phishing attacks are one of the biggest threats to system integrity and one of the most difficult threats to deal with because the human factor is so difficult to predict. The bigger the company, the more employees are available for hackers to target and they are finding new and ingenious ways to get even the most cyber-savvy users to clink on the email because it is hard to distinguish authentic communication from malicious ones.

The HackenAi app will have multiple CyberCare Bootcamps to cater everyone’s requirements, however the recommended one will have each user undergo a Preventive CyberCare Bootcamp. The user receives notifications to complete the short daily goals that are aimed towards properly setting up effective cybersecurity measures to protect their online accounts. As a result of the successful completion of the boot camp, the users exceedingly improve their personal cybersecurity, and receive a cryptocurrency reward from the app in HAI. It will also provide individual users and company management with some practical steps they can take to keep personal information secure and protect the company’s infrastructure. HackenAI is your one-stop-shop for combating all cybersecurity-related issues.

In addition to phishing attacks, there are other vulnerabilities that come into play as a result of bad judgment, such as one of the biggest security issues: unknowingly downloading malware onto your device. For example, let’s say you notice a great browser plug-in and you would like to download it, but you are not familiar with the source. You can proceed with installing the plug-in simply hoping that it does not carry any viruses or other malware, but this would simply be wishful thinking on your part.

HackenAI will help you feel more secure installing new software since it will crosscheck a database of known malicious websites and will alert you in case it finds a match. Also, just to mitigate other risks connected with poor judgment, HackenAi monitors and analyzes user behavior to provide consistent improvements to the user experience and security effectiveness.

Wi-fi hotspots can be found everywhere from airports to coffee shops. However, Wi-fi hotspots are fairly easy to hack and, even more so, it is easy to set up a fake Wi-fi hotspot. As soon as somebody connects to a hotspot, hackers will be able to spy on all user activity, which will allow hackers to steal personal data and account passwords. Also, by using unsecured Wi-fi hotspots, you are making yourself vulnerable to all kinds of malware attacks which could result in all kinds of company and client data being stolen.

If you enjoy the convenience of public Wi-fi, HackenAI will be simply indispensable for keeping you safe online. First of all, HackenAI uses the strongest security and encryption mechanisms to encrypt and store your data. Only the users will have access to their personal data and centralized data leaks are not possible. This way, if somebody does try to hack your device, you can have peace of mind knowing that cybercriminals cannot get their hands on your data.

If you do not update your operating system or browser to the latest version, you are missing out more than simply having the latest features, but also the latest security patches and upgrades as well. Furthermore, if you or other team members connect to your network with an outdated browser, they could be inadvertently putting their personal data as well as the company and customer data at risk.

HackenAI notifies users about the latest security threats and breaches that have been spotted and notify them of any upgrades or patches available to mitigate the risk. HackenAi is a 360° “motherly care” product that takes ownership of user cybersecurity. It consistently monitors all data leakages and immediately prompts users with timely, detailed information and suggested steps to take in mitigating the risks of exploitation.

A lot of websites and portals have security measures in place such as two-factor authentication and simply feel confident that this will keep bad actors at bay. While this is a useful security feature, hackers can easily bypass this authentication method and get access to the users’ online assets. If you are a crypto exchange user, hackers can perform a cross-site scripting attack to change your withdrawal address in the HTML code to simply transfer money from your account to their account. On the surface, this will look like a regular transaction instead of a hacking attack. Even if you do not own any crypto assets, hackers can bypass authentication mechanisms and enter any website that contains your personal data and do whatever they want once they are inside.

HackenAI will monitor your crypto assets and personal information and alert you in case of any suspicious activity. This way, you can take a more proactive approach for securing your data and assets and feel confident about your personal security positioning.

HackenAI — The Essential Security Companion

For many years, banks and governments have been responsible for the security of digital assets. As blockchain technology adoption grows and systems become more decentralized, users must take personal control over their data. Nowadays, antivirus software alone does not provide a sufficient level of cybersecurity and security ignorance is no longer an option. The risk of a cybersecurity attack on an individual user who is their own crypto-asset custodian is increasingly higher due to the irreversibility of hacked or misspent crypto assets.

Just like antiviruses helped protect almost every computer in the ’90s, users in the new digital era need to have cybersecurity assistance that will help create a preventive shield from growing cybersecurity threats. As a result of successful CyberBootCamp completion, HackenAi becomes the user’s trusted password manager, an account data backup tool, a gateway to the cryptocurrency world, a digital asset tracker, and a one-stop-shop for all cyber-security-related protection.

The platform is entirely powered and made possible by the HAI token. Protection to users are driven by carefully thought out tokenomics to ensure adequate coverage and fairness to all, being integrated directly into the services offered by the HackenAI platform. Some other features of the HAI token include the following:

  • HAI will be rewarded to users for joining the HackenAi platform and performing various incentivization tasks within the HackenAi environment.
  • Cryptocurrency Enterprises would need to stake HAI tokens to enlist Hacken’s professionals, research or White Hat community to perform services.
  • White Hat hackers can earn HAI to perform various tasks on the platform.
  • HAI is needed to subscribe to certain value-added services within the HackenAi application and ecosystem.
  • HAI Staking nodes will be embedded in the HackenAi application.

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