Special $UFI Token Sale Round for Hacken Club Members

6 min readJul 7, 2021


Hacken has some great news for our loyal HAI holders. You can participate in the exclusive HAI Round for PureFi, the new DeFi project that has been recently launched within Hacken Foundation, and get $UFI tokens. The HAI Round for $UFI is starting on 13 July and will last for 14 days.

The Value PureFi Brings to the Industry

PureFi is the only DeFi compliance protocol for cryptocurrency onboarding. Developed in partnership with Hacken and AMLBot, it aims to provide a full-cycle solution for crypto asset analytics and AML/KYC procedures on the DeFi market. Within a set of smart contracts, PureFi will connect KYC/AML providers with DeFi users and Dexs/Defi projects to provide crypto asset analytics and protect honest DeFi market players from “dirty money” risks.

$UFI is a cross-chain ERC20 / BEP-20 utility token. The fundamental utility of $UFI is to provide access to PureFi’s services — the more you interact with PureFi, the more often you need $UFI. Another utility of $UFI is to enable circulation within PureFi protocol, receive new oracles and protocol updates, and facilitate crypto asset analytics and identity verification.

Generally, the demand for DeFi security services provided by PureFi is very likely to be high in the coming years taking into account security risks and uncertainties affecting both individual and institutional investors. That is why $UFI token will be a very attractive and profitable instrument in the hands of ethical investors.

The Building Blocks of the PureFi Ecosystem

The PureFi structure includes 3 main elements — Issuers (3rd party service providers), Holders (users), and Verifiers (compliant projects who verify certificates or regulators). Those parties are well described as the SSI (Self Sovereign Identity) triangle.


Our partners such as AML, KYC and Data Analytics service providers are eligible to issue particular types of digital data, which are usually presented as Verifiable Credentials. For instance, Crystal Blockchain can provide AML scoring Verifiable Credentials for a given address.
An issuer needs to hold $UFI tokens (the market determines the amount) to participate in the protocol. To hold the tokens required for participation, the Issuer needs to borrow tokens through a non-collateral PureFi lending protocol.


The Holder is a DeFi user or an owner of a specific dApp. The user should own its own VC (Verifiable Credentials) to be compliant or have a digital indulgence like a Good Will Declaration.

If the holder is the owner of a specific dApp, in this case, the business is supposed to pay for the check-up of the entire community (all dApp’s users), which is currently the case within the CEX world since it covers all the AML/KYC costs for the users. Logically, this type of holder would require many $UFI tokens borrowed through the lending-borrowing protocol.


Verifiers are those who receive VCs as a form of digital proof. It can be a liquidity pool operator, DEX owner, or any financial monitoring institution.

PureFi Token Distribution

$UFI is a cross-chain ERC20 / BEP-20 utility token. The concept of PureFi tokenomics is similar to the HAPI tokenomics with regards to the latter’s success.

The total token supply is 100М $UFI and the token sale amounts to 23.5%

The market cap at TGE is $134 098.

HAI Round Details

The total supply for the HAI Round is 2M $UFI tokens priced 0.04 USD per 1 $UFI with the best lock-up terms. 10% of the HAI Round Allocation will be unlocked at TGE and the remaining 90% will be proportionally distributed within 5 months. The price in HAI will be determined 24 hours before the end of the HAI Round.

The address for the HAI Round will become available on the official Hacken Foundation Website at the date of Sale.

The HAI Round for $UFI is Starting on 13 July and will Last 14 Days.

  • You must send HAI (only the VeChain HAI tokens are allowed) only from HackenAI Wallet

If you need to transfer tokens to VET, please use the following service https://hackenfoundation.com/bridge/.

  • You need to be at least 2nd Level Hacken Club Member
  • Minimal amount is 5,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address
  • Maximum amount is 500,000 HAI per 1 VeChain HackenAI address

How to Get More $UFI with Additional Boosters

You can get a higher allocation in the HAI round when you are eligible to apply our special Club Membership boosters:

Hacken Club Membership Boosters applied

  • Level 2 (Associate) — 1,2x
  • Level 3 (Partner) — 2x

You can also get a higher allocation in the HAI round by applying early. The earlier you apply, the greater urgency booster you get:

Urgency Boosters

  • 1 day — 2x
  • 2 day — 1,8x
  • 3 day — 1,6x
  • 4 day — 1,4x
  • 5 day — 1,2x
  • 6–10 days — 1x
  • 11–12 days — 0,8x
  • 13–14 days — 0,6x

Hacken team also offers special perks for newcomers and those community members who upgrade their membership within the given timeframe.

The additional multiplier for newcomers and the members who upgrade their membership

  • for each who get the new Level 3 Hacken Club Membership (from 1 July to IDO) — 2x
  • for each who get the new Level 2 Hacken Club Membership (from 1 July to IDO) — 1,5x
  • for each who upgrade the membership from (Level 1 or Level 2) -> Level 3 (from 1 July to IDO) — 1,5x
  • for each who upgrade the membership from Level 1 -> Level 2 (from 1 July to IDO) — 1,2x

How to Get a Hacken Club Membership

Please refer to the instruction on the Hacken Club Membership acquisition if you are not a member yet: https://youtu.be/LRIWHwwXEGE

***Please be informed that unless you follow all the requirements provided above, the tokens will be returned to your wallet address and you will not be eligible for getting allocation as well as participating in farming.

Oversubscription and Farming

All oversubscribed HAI tokens will be distributed to PureFi token farming automatically 14 days after the IDO and then the farming will be launched (oversubscribed tokens are locked until the start of farming). Totally 70M $UFI tokens will be available for farming for 3 years. The farming option will be available in the HackenAI App.

HAI Round $UFI Token Distribution to Participants

$UFI tokens will be distributed on Binance Smart Chain directly to the BSC wallets. You will not need to claim tokens.

Important detail:

Please make sure to connect the same wallet like the one you have in your HackenAI App

If you are not sure how to do it, you can find instructions in the article prepared by Binance: https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/connecting-metamask-to-binance-smart-chain

Add the UFI token to your wallet:

  1. Make sure that you have changed the network to Smart Chain
  2. Add the $UFI token to your wallet

This special HAI Round for $UFI Token is a great opportunity for Hacken community members to make a contribution to making the world free of money laundering practices while making solid profits. Don’t miss your chance to become richer by making the world a safer place. From our side, we ensure the full transparency of the process and will keep you informed about any updates. Thank you for being a part of our success story, your loyalty makes us work harder!

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View more info about PureFi at:

Website: https://purefi.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Purefi_Protocol

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/PureFi_Protocol

Telegram: https://t.me/purefiprotocol

Telegram Group: https://t.me/purefipro




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