The First Round Exclusive For HAI Holders: Token Distribution Details

4 min readFeb 19, 2021


HAPI is the first project to join the Hacken Foundation and constitutes a great first step to the transformation of Hacken into a solid cybersecurity ecosystem.

On Feb 17, we successfully closed the HAPI token sale for HAI. The hard cap of 8,400,000 HAI was closed in 15 minutes and a total of 22,933,149 HAI were raised. This is an enormous success for the Hacken community and we strongly appreciate your trust and assistance.

According to the HAPI tokenomics, 50% of 8,400,000 HAI tokens collected during the sale will be burned on Feb 20. Another 50% will be locked up for 2 years.

HAPI token distribution details

The HAPI token distribution will be held according to the HAPI Tokenomics. The initial unlocking will represent 10% of the purchase amount and 10% monthly. The date when you get your HAPI tokens will be announced soon. To get HAPI tokens you need to create a similar address on the Ethereum network.

How to create a similar address on the Ethereum Network?

To create a similar address on Ethereum just follow these simple steps:

  1. Install MetaMask (when you have the MetaMask Account, then simply skip this step):

a. Visit

b. Click on “Install” MetaMask (Supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge).

c. Create a new wallet with MetaMask. Please, don’t forget to write down your seed phrase.

2. Import a new account (If you already have MetaMask Account):

a. Click on “Import Account” on the menu pad (please read the instruction via the link)

b. Paste your private key used in the VeChain Wallet from which you have sent your HAI tokens (see next Step 3).

c. Click on “Import”.

3. Get the private key from your wallet:

a. For HackenAI App: Dashboard -> Settings -> Private Key

b. For other VeChain wallets*: Extract your private key according to the manual of your wallet.

4. Import the private key into MetaMask.

*If you have used VeChain Thor Wallet please export your Keystore file and import it to MyEtherWallet.

How many HAPI will you get?

Make some calculations to know how many tokens you get. We have derived a special formula for you. See the details below.

  • The total amount of HAI collected is 22,933,149 HAI.
  • 1,995 HAI were sent from the Exchanges and will be frozen until the end of the clarification process.
  • During the token sale, less than 5,000 HAI tokens were sent from 33 addresses. These tokens will not be included in the token sale and will be fully refunded.
  • The total amount of tokens available for the HAPI distribution equals 22,869,538 HAI.
  • The coefficient is 8,400,000/22,869,538 = 0.3673
  • HAPI amount=(HAI amount sent x (1/35 )) x 0.3673

For example:

How many HAPI will you receive:

If you have sent 5,000 HAI: (5,000 HAI x (1/35)) х 0.3673=52.47 HAPI

How many oversubscribed HAI will you receive:

If you have sent 10,000 HAI: 10,000 HAI x (1–0.3673) = 6,327 HAI

Please note:

  • All oversubscribed HAI will be refunded to your address on Feb 19.
  • All valid addresses will be credited with HAPI tokens.

The First Round of HAPI token sale attracted the attention of the cryptocurrency community and we are pleased to mention that many institutional investors were present during the Private Round. If you didn’t participate in the First Round of token sale, you are welcome to participate in future ones. More information about the next token sale rounds will be provided in our social media channels and HAPI official channels: HAPI medium blog and HAPI Telegram Group.

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