Trust Army: How New Fast-Growing Community Affects HAI Ecosystem

Web3 still has quite a high barrier to entry. The reason is a lack of trustworthiness and transparency. That means only one thing to Hacken — bigger plans and objectives to close the gaps in the industry! Leaving hacks outside, cryptocurrency losses from rug pull and various scam activities still have a significantly larger share.

Foreseeing public goods projects to be in the spotlight of the further development of Web3, Trust Army becomes a proper solution with the power to solve lack-of-trust-related issues in the industry.

We have already examined audiences that will be supported by Trust Army, one of which is the Hacken community. The HAI-based payment system implemented on the Trust Army platform opens up new ways to interact with the token, affecting the whole Hacken ecosystem and each community member. Let’s go over their benefits in more detail.

HAI Potential within Trust Army

Once a person becomes a Trust Army member, he gets immediate access to HAI and its staking.

Staking provides:

  • Completing more tasks, which are limited at the very beginning.
  • Boosting an income in percentage terms.
  • Getting NFTs to obtain ranks with greater functionality
  • Getting an NFT certificate that highlights your knowledge and skills and opens an opportunity to get a Web3 profession.

HAI staking will be available for all Trust Army members.

Therefore, it will become a tool for effective and rapid workflow and learning within the platform, impacting moving career-ladder, the amount of obtained tasks, earnings, and learning rate at the Trust Army Academy.

Bigger community

Trust Army will lead even more people to the Hacken ecosystem. Because of the expected workload, Trust Army requires thousands of contributors to arrange the distribution of a large amount of data. By getting income with HAI, every Trust army member will automatically become a member of our community and empower it. Once someone becomes a Trust Army member, he gets the opportunity to manage digital assets within the ecosystem, join the Hacken Club Membership, use utility products (HackenAI, hVPN, hPass), as well as staking, farming, and LP farming.

More people in the Hacken ecosystem joining the Club Membership, product usage, and staking will impact HAI turnover.

Soon, a referral program will be implemented on the platform to facilitate the gaining of newcomers.

Power to Vote

The Hacken community will become a DAO with governance, owning its own treasury. To make decisions, a member will have to hold HAI. Being involved in the DAO will affect not only the management of the treasury and the token but also forthcoming changes in products, including Trust Army, future partnerships and collaborations, payouts, and bonuses for our community and team, encouraging users to participate. The more HAI a member accumulates, the more voting power and opportunities to influence the future of the community he has.

Besides voting power, the role of HAI for DAO will also mean that application, validation, and decision-making will be accompanied by fees in HAI.

Bullish Collaborations

The community growth will entail joint forces with multiple types of crypto businesses. In particular, Trust Army, as a powerful and large entity, makes it possible to create budding projects with big Web3 players.

By conducting research on purpose from the Web3 giants, Trust Army will strengthen its presence in the market and gain more collaborations, partnerships, and cross-marketing opportunities, affecting higher liquidity, more options, and capacities on the market.

Bearing in mind that requests can be sent from any community to study a project, there is a perspective for them to experience the Hacken ecosystem as a researcher on the side of Trust Army.

Product-Oriented Path

The value of the Trust Army community is derived from the number of its members and the usefulness of the work that Trust Army members do. The concept is aimed at the audience ready to work and raise skills. So the initiative will not leave indifferent individuals who wish to dive into mastering crypto projects’ reliability, data collecting, researching, and analyzing instead of being prone to making quick bucks.

By increasing the number of educated and proactive members, the qualities of the community will grow exponentially but steadily. It is not about the fast profit but about the diligence and dedication of people who admire a product, which is the Trust Army platform, and are inspired by their own perspectives through contribution.

Being on the verge of big launches and changes regarding Trust Army, the role of HAI will be decisive, leading the Hacken community onto a new stage of existence.

Stay up to date with current news and join Trust Army if you haven’t done that yet!



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