Trust Army: Public Goods Community for Web3 Trustworthiness

Hacken is excited to announce , a public goods project built to make Web3 trustworthy!

Trust Army is a research platform that collects reliable information on blockchain projects by highlighting good tokenomics, reliable backers, and transparent project allocations. Undoubtedly, the engaging initiative will not leave crypto admirers indifferent.

Pursuing several goals, Trust Army will benefit:

  • People who are interested in kick-starting their career in Web3 from the ground up
  • Motivated ones to improve the industry and become a part of a wave of fundamental changes
  • Crypto enthusiasts worldwide tend to be highly aware and have intimate knowledge of crypto projects they would like to join
  • The Hacken community

How Trust Army Works

Trust Army helps to find, collect and analyze data through Web3 projects upon request from the industry’s giants. For tasks being successfully completed, a user receives rewards. The process is done through the platform, providing users with task performance tracking, rewards assessment, and studying at Trust Army Academy.

Signing up for the project takes just a few minutes. It requires entering a username, joining Hacken Discord, and installing the HackenAI application to set up the distribution of payments. All payments will be made in HAI.

Once a user enters Trust Army, he receives the first task to find specific data on the web. After collecting information, he needs to fill out the form on the platform to place the results of his work in progress there. High-level members validate the data a user has sent. After a task is reviewed, a validator and a user receive rewards. In the future, a user can become a validator and a high-level member.

The reward amount depends on the task’s complexity. For the most advanced and proficient Trust Army members, it can reach up to $100 a day.

Why Users Should Like Trust Army

  • Getting a steady income by performing research tasks
  • Studying crypto online, upgrading skills
  • Starting a career in Web3
  • Making a significant impact on the future of the industry

Hacken Community: Growth Prospect

Our community gets an exceptional opportunity to connect individuals motivated to contribute to our mission and become a part of Hacken.

With payments in HAI, all the newcomers will enter the Hacken cybersecurity ecosystem, giving access to the Hacken Club Membership, Hacken B2C products, staking, and farming programs.

Aimed at their own success in the industry by achieving a social mission, Trust Army members are expected to get the impetus to the community and impact its growth.

Enhanced with the following improvements related to DAO and governance implementation, we expect to transform our community into a strong, distinct, and product-oriented entity, capable of making decisions and determining its own future.

The Trust Army platform is right around the corner!

and make sure to become a part of a new wave of fundamental changes first.

For early registration, you will get a welcome bonus of 75 HAI.

To stay on top of the news, follow and watch for updates on .



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