Trust Army x HackenAI: Sign-up Guide

2 min readNov 1, 2022


Dear community!
Here is a step-by-step guide on getting the HackenAI wallet address for Android and iOS users.

For Android

On your phone, go to the Play Store and type HackenAI, or use this link.

For iOS

On your iPhone/iPad, go to the App Store, type HackenAI, or use this link.

Installation Guide

  1. Select the HackenAI app and press “Install”.

3. Open the HackenAI app and hit “Get started”.

4. Enter your email address and hit “Next”.

P.S. Make sure to use an email address you can access. Otherwise, you risk losing access to your wallet account.

5. Make up the local password you’ll need next time while opening HackenAI.

6. On the next screen hit “Sing up on HackenAI”.

7. After the quick in-app onboarding, go to the “Wallet” tab.

8. The app will ask you to save the backup phrase and hit “Verify now”.

9. Write down, memorize, or safely store the 12-word seed phrase, then hit “Test my memory”.
P.S. That is a crucial step. Make sure to save your backup phrase and store it securely. Otherwise, you risk losing access to your wallet account if you lose the seed phrase.

10. Congratulations! You have now signed up as a HackenAI user.
To copy your wallet address go to the “Wallet” tab and tap on the link at the top of the screen.




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