VTHO & “HAI word play” rewards distribution

We are pleased to announce the first distribution of VTHO to Hacken Club 4th level members.

VTHO distribution is one of the benefits for 4th level Hacken members.

From the period from the first 4th level membership purchase till the end of August 2020:

16,159 transaction made

502,678.78 VTHO burned

377,099.09 VTHO will be distributed among the 4th level members (75% of total VTHO)

All Hacken Club 4th level members will receive their VTHO by the 12am EST August, 11.

Besides VTHO distribution 4th level members also receive the following benefits:

— HackenAI lifetime free Normal subscription for 10 users

— HackenAI lifetime free Premium subscription for 5 users.

— Hacken cybersecurity services and products exclusive partnership program.

Share from monthly VTHO turnover in the HAI ecosystem.

— Token, product, and community roadmap planning voting.

— Unlimited emails for DarkNet monitoring

— A private group with HackenAI executive team

— Education

— Unlimited passwords

— Wallet

More information about our HackenAI membership packages you can find in our previous article.

How to buy an HackenAI membership

You can buy Hacken Club Membership directly from within HackenAI Security App:

  1. Download or open the HackenAI App
  2. On the main dashboard click on the “Get Hacken Club membership now!” widget
  3. Choose the appropriate membership level
  4. Buy your membership

Also we want to remind you that you can receive rewards by generating membership coupons! More information regarding membership coupons you can find in our previous article!

“$HAI word play” contest prize distribution

Thank you very much for active participation in the “$HAI word play “ contest and for bringing us so much inspiration and laughs!

Congratulations to @autarkcoin with his winning phrase: “Time to get $HAI”. An amazing word play receiving a prize of 5000 HAI. The full list of winners can be found here.

All winners will get their earned HAI by 12am EST August, 11. If you are in the list and didn’t receive tokens, pls ask our community admins for help.

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