Want to support HAI? Adding liquidity to Uniswap — a Guide

We are happy to announce that Hacken is now listed at Uniswap, the biggest decentralized exchange by volume.

How to add liquidity to Uniswap?

Step 1. Make sure you have USDT and some ETH in your Metamask wallet. ETH is needed to pay the transaction fee.

Step 2. Go to

Step 3. Once you’re there, connect your wallet — you will see a button in the top right corner.

Step 4. Choose the wallet you want to use to create liquidity out of the given option.

Step 5. Once you enter your password and successfully connect to your wallet, click on ‘Add liquidity’.

Step 6. Choose a HAI/USDT pair.

Once you click on ‘Add token’, enter the following address to the search bar: 0x05Fb86775Fd5c16290f1E838F5caaa7342bD9a63

Pick HAI from the menu.

Step 7. Now, you will have to approve the transactions you are making with your assets. Click on ‘Approve’, and your connected wallet, here MetaMask, will ask you the permission to move your assets. Just follow the instruction your wallet provides.

Step 8. Once you manually confirm the transactions, wait a few minutes for them to go through.

Step 9. Now, click ‘Supply’. Once again confirm the actions with your wallet — and that’s it!

You have just added liquidity and supported the HAI token — we deeply appreciate it! If you have any questions left, please let us know on our .

Important Note: Please do not deposit your VeChain VIP180 HAI tokens into MetaMask wallets. Metamask can only support the new Uniswap HAI token.

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