Weld Money is Integrating HAI — Hacken Token is becoming a payment instrument

3 min readFeb 8, 2022


Hacken community members will be able to pay for goods and services in HAI (Hacken token) using a weld card. The integration of HAI into the Weld wallet as a payment instrument is the result of the partnership between Hacken and Weld Money that was established in September 2021.

Hacken CEO Dyma Budorin provided the following comment on this integration: “One of the elements of the Hacken Strategy for 2022 is delivering greater value to the community through HAI. By paying for traditional goods and services in HAI, users will feel that they own real assets. This integration will strengthen ties between Hacken and our community.

Traditionally, users have converted their virtual assets into fiat to pay for goods and services in their daily life. Even in countries that have made serious steps towards the mass adoption of virtual assets, merchants do not accept payments in crypto. The mass adoption of any asset takes place only when it is both an investment and payment instrument in the hands of users.

What benefits will you get?

When paying in HAI, you will get up to 9% cashback per transaction. The card will have a unique Hacken design indicating that you are a member of the leading cybersecurity community.

The weld card tariffs are minimal. Issuance is free, with no monthly fees and 0% pop-up commission.

For more info about weld card, please refer to: https://weld.money/card

Mechanism of payments

The card will be digital. You will be able to pay in HAI using Google Pay or Apple Pay. Other tokens will not be supported for HAI holders. This transaction will not cause any downside pressure on the price of HAI since Hacken will immediately buy back all HAI received by Weld Money in stable coins.

The possibility to pay in HAI using a weld card will become available in the coming months. We’ll obligatory inform you.

Where to hold HAI?

You will be able to use HAI tokens stored in your HackenAI wallet. To this end, you will need to add HAI wallet address to the weld wallet and choose a digital card.

What can you buy for HAI?

You can pay in HAI for whatever you want in every corner of the world if a vendor accepts payments made using VISA banking cards. So, be it a loaf of bread, a luxury dish in a restaurant, or an airline ticket, you can pay in HAI.

The partnership between the two projects is a giant step to popularise virtual assets. Sceptics will not have any right to say that users cannot buy anything for crypto.

Hacken will keep you informed about all updates regarding this partnership. Stay tuned.

About Weld Money

The company develops issuers of fiat cards that bond to cryptocurrencies and wallets which store digital assets. The startup was founded by Oleksiy Meretsky, Oleksiy Bobok, and Iryna Lorens. Weld Money became the first cryptocurrency card service in Eastern Europe to sign a card issuance agreement with banks and regulators. Weld Money is on a mission to bridge the two extreme worlds of crypto and traditional financial systems. The Weld community can get a seamless payment solution system with several functions of the standard crypto wallets but with an added advantage. Weld Money allows the users to use crypto for daily transactions like paying for coffee, gas, groceries, etc.

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