What is Hacken for you? Meet the new Twitter campaign by Hacken

Hacken’s mission is to make Web 3.0 a safer place. Last year we performed >300 smart contracts audits and made a giant step towards reaching our main goal — becoming a leader in the Web 3.0 cybersecurity industry.

For the last 4 years, we have secured >$10B in users’ assets from being stolen by malicious actors. Just imagine, it is the GDP of such countries as Rwanda or Namibia. And we have achieved this result in close interaction with our community. We always say that you are our main driver of progress.

Recently we have launched the campaign called #hackenforme. Our community is invited to share their feedback on this question “What is Hacken for you?”. You have posted dozens of interesting comments and the most exciting ones are provided below:

#hackenforme Hacken is the sheriff in the wild wild crypto west

#hackenforme Hacken is the island of trust in a crypto-ocean of uncertainty, fraud and scam. While the difference between the next big thing and the next cyber-betrayal is small sometimes, hacken leads its fellows on a safe path on the sound basis of trustworthiness and reliability.

#hackenforme Hacken is a reinforcement umbrella from getting wet in rainy weather.😁

Ford came with the seat belts

Oldsmobile came with the airbag

George William Manby came with the fire extinguisher

Crypto came with ? Be safe, invest in Hacken

We are looking forward to seeing numerous Twitter posts made by our community with #hackenforme. We will collect all your comments with this hashtag and consider them in our activities. The most valuable and amazing comments will be shared with the whole Hacken community. So, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about Hacken on Twitter. Your reflection can give a boost to the beginning of a new era in the life of Hacken. We are open to all comments since transparency is our top priority.

Thank you for being with Hacken! Looking forward to publishing a large book containing all your quotes about our company. The story about Hacken success should be written by everyone who contributes to making Hacken a Web 3.0 cybersecurity leader.

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