What New Does hVPN Bring to HAI and Web3?

Over the last several months, the amount of hVPN users increased to 40,000. This is a completely new audience that has not interacted with the HAI ecosystem before.

Notably, many of them are still Web2 users who appreciate the advantages of Hacken VPN. They could not know not only about Hacken tokens but about crypto itself. At the same time, they probably know about crypto, so their life should be surrounded by it somewhat.

Firstly, 75% of hVPN users are from the US and Nigeria — countries with an extremely high level of crypto mass adoption. Secondly, the interests profile of VPN users consists of the IT sector, which also makes such people very close connected to crypto.

Our team had a challenge — onboard these Web2 users into Web3 via a smooth introduction to how crypto works. And, of course, power this with the HAI token.

The first thing to start is to give users the most familiar way to pay. For common applications users, that’s Apple Pay or Google Pay. After purchasing a subscription for $1.99, users see equal cashback in HAI.

At this moment, we show that, in fact, he purchased 100 HAI for $1.99 and received an hVPN subscription for free. That’s how we create the first Web3 value: join the ecosystem — receive the product for free.

Use it Once and Open More Opportunities

The next step is to describe the value of the ecosystem by showing that the same coin can be used not in one place but play a big role in the cross-solutions experience. As was mentioned before, to get a token → to enter the ecosystem; after entering the ecosystem → receive multiple access to solution inside it; by receiving multiple access → starting to use password manager, wallet, staking, etc.

Web3 Basics: Transfers, Withdrawals, Wallets

At the same time, while the user claims HAI from hVPN via HackenAI, he onboards into the basic principle of how Web3 works. He receives his first wallet address, deposits HAI on it, and discovers the basics of blockchains, bridges, and cashing out.

Hold and Receive More

We are already working on the next stage of the hVPN mass adoption mechanism — in-app yield for holding. For example, 2% monthly rewards for not withdrawing HAI from hVPN. That gives us 3 main pros:

  • We teach people that the more they hold — the more they get. That’s also one of the key principles of Web3 world
  • We simplify their user experience as they don’t need to take extra actions to get value from received tokens
  • We have more confidence in token health, as HAI remains directly inside our ecosystem.

That’s only the beginning. We noticed that essential cyber security products get a lot of attention from a mass audience. Still, these products are something that Web3 users definitely need in their experience.

More and more organic users install hVPN every month, and this metric only increases. That means we will see more such updates in the future.

Hacken cybersecurity applications start playing for mass adoption purposes.



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