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We always listen to the concerns expressed by our community and try to identify the ways to fulfill them. We have successfully implemented all your suggestions in our application. So, today the Hacken team is pleased to announce that the long-awaited update of the HackenAI app is now available to our community. The new version of HackenAI is the result of months of active work of our development and management teams. The updated application will significantly facilitate users’ interaction with the Hacken ecosystem and will allow them to extract more benefits from its growth.

HackenAI application is one of the main elements of the Hacken ecosystem. The first public version of HackenAI was released in April 2020. Initially, the main focus was made on educating users about the most effective cybersecurity practices and providing them with fundamental cybersecurity tools.

However, community needs are changing due to the transformations taking place in the virtual assets market. Now our community members are strongly interested in using HackenAI mostly as a functional and secure application to manage their virtual assets, namely, HAI and the tokens of the Hacken Foundation projects (such as HAPI, DDOS, UFI, and 1ART) without any additional barriers.

With regard to the expectations of our community, Hacken has introduced a number of major changes aimed at improving the user experience. The new features will save users’ time and money while creating additional opportunities. The improvements constitute the confirmation of the pro-active position of Hacken, we always try to anticipate community needs and introduce new solutions even before they are demanded by the majority of users. This approach allows Hacken to maintain our leadership position in the industry.

Look at the changes listed below to see the results of our work:

What’s new?

  • Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain networks are now supported;
  • Hacken Foundation projects’ tokens are now supported: easily send/receive tokens in a secure way;
  • Now users can transfer HAI between VeChain, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain networks by using Bridge — fast & secure transactions, HAI transfer between networks is no longer a barrier. Just go to “Wallet” section, choose Hacken token, and then click on “Bridge”;
  • Claim farmed tokens directly using HackenAI App;
  • Now the application design is more convenient for users, we have considered suggestions made by you.

These changes will allow HackenAI to become one of the most functional virtual assets management applications in the industry. Thus, the release of a new version may give a strong positive impulse to the development of the Hacken Ecosystem and will promote the upward movement of HAI token. The more functionality users see in a token and its management tool, the higher their demand for this investment instrument.

What about other updates

Hacken development team is actively working on introducing new functional and demanded security solutions for our community. The updated version of the HackenAI application will facilitate your trading experience. Hacken has recently launched sensitive data storage for crypto enthusiasts — hPass. This application allows users to securely store seed phrases, private keys, passwords, credit card credentials, secret notes, etc.

Hacken is going to release the hPass extension for popular browsers to make it a more accessible and functional tool for users. The official release of hPass web extension is planned for Q1 2022. We will notify you of this update.

Focus on User Experience

The updated application is the result of our active communication with the community. We have combined your recommendations and suggestions with the knowledge and expertise of our developers.

You are always welcome to share your ideas and suggestions on how to add even more functionality to the HackenAI application. Hacken is growing thanks to your engagement.

Important information:

Due to the update, you may have been logged out of the application. Please check whether you have access to your seed phrase since you’ll need it to log in. Sorry for this inconvenience, all our work is focused on improving your user experience.

To know everything about other Hacken updates, please monitor our media channels:




The community of crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts united to keep not only themselves but also their friends and family safe in today’s digital world.

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Hacken Club

Hacken Club

The community of crypto and cybersecurity enthusiasts united to keep not only themselves but also their friends and family safe in today’s digital world.

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