The First HACKY NFT Competition by Hacken & VIMWorld

3 min readFeb 14, 2022

You recently received an email regarding Hacky distribution. IT WAS NOT AN AIRDROP. Only those 96 users who applied in time to get Hacky and fully met all the requirements recieved an NFT. At the end of this email, we noted that some Hackies would be given to the most active community members as rewards for winning competitions or contests.

So, we are organizing the first Hacky NFT competition. 4 Hackies will be distributed among winners (but under different conditions, read this text very attentively). Our partner VIMWorld has also prepared 4 interesting Chinese New Year NFTs Taizi as a prize for participants of this competition, details below.

!Competition is open to all Hacken Club Level 1/2/3 members!

We want to create a MOTTO for our Hacky mascot based on his story. The author of the motto that gets the biggest support from the Hacken community (in a social media poll) will receive a Hacky NFT and his/her text will be published near our NFT on its VIM page so that thousands of users will see your text.

Participation requirements:

1) You need to be at least Hacken Club Level 1 member (just stake 1,000 HAI in your membership) or higher

2) You need to write an appealing MOTTO for Hacky (just 1–2 sentences of amazing text, but no more than 100 characters)

3) If you win 1st place, there are no additional requirements. If you place 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, read the section Rewards Distribution Details provided below.

If you are not a Hacken Club member, here is the instruction on how to become a Hacken Club Member:

  1. Open your HackenAI application
  2. Go to Wallet -> Membership
  3. Select the membership level you want to get
  4. If you are getting Level 2 / Level 3 Membership, please choose the lock-up period
  5. Select the number of tokens you wish to lock on the Membership (after the end of lock-up period, all tokens + yield profits will become available)
  6. Click on the “Get Membership” button

Video instruction:

If you don’t own any HAI tokens, here is the info on where to buy our token:

Competition mechanism

After becoming at least Hacken Club Level 1 member, you need to fill in the Participation Form. This form will be active for 2 weeks (form submission final date — 28 February). Then the Hacken team will select the top-10 mottos. Finally, we will organize a social media poll and the community will select the best motto.

Hacky Rewards Distribution Details

The author of the best motto (1st place in the social media poll) gets a Hacky NFT without any additional requirements. Also, the winner of this competition will get a special Chinese New Year VIM Taizi as a prize from our partner VIMWorld.

But the Hacken team is ready to send 4 Hackies in total as rewards. So, the authors of the mottos that will get the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th positions in the social media poll will also get a Hacky NFT.

But to this end, after the publication of the competition results, you will need to meet the same requirements as the ones met by the participants of the first Hacky distribution campaign. Namely:

You must be a Hacken Club Level 2 or Level 3 member and either own 200K VEED tokens or hold >500 VIMenergy in your VIMs. Even if you have already received Hacky previously, you will need to fully meet these requirements. So, make sure you have enough VEED tokens on your address and your Hacken Club Level 2 or 3 membership is still active.

You will have 5 business days to meet these requirements after the competition results are announced. After meeting these requirements, you will need to reach our admins to prove that you have met these requirements.

Special perks for participants who get 5th, 6th, and 7th positions

Your motto has been selected by the Hacken team, but you haven’t won Hacky as a result of a social media poll? Don’t be upset. The participants who get 5th, 6th, and 7th positions in our competition will get a special Chinese New Year VIM Taizi as a prize from our partner VIMWorld for your creativity and active position. No additional requirements.




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